Essay Example on Exploring Ethical Behavior and Integrity in Pearson Company

Published: 2022-12-26
Essay Example on Exploring Ethical Behavior and Integrity in Pearson Company
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Mostly the ethical behavior in the company is meant to define what is right and wrong and to give a guiding attitude to every decision the company makes. Ethical behavior in any company is not enough to determine the success of the company without integrity. Integrity is necessary for a Company because it is a fundamental value that is required by employers from their employees. It is the seal of the person who demonstrates the ethical principle and sound moral at work. Integrity is the reason on which the colleagues build trust, relationship, and operative interpersonal affiliations. In a company, therefore, workers should apply the principle of fairness and honesty to one another; to their customers and employees; hence we can say they are maintaining ethical behavior and integrity. As well the employers should do the same to the employees. The company that I choose to as an accountant is the Pearson Company that is located in London, England. The paper, therefore, will explore on the way Pearson Company demonstrates ethical behavior and integrity in achieving their success.

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Pearson company is a famous international learning company that was founded by Samuel Pearson, and it deals with tools, products, and services for learners and educators. As a student doing the accounting program, you can apply to be an accountant at the company. The company demonstrates ethical behavior and integrity through many ways that include: customer value strategy, accounting practices, truth in selling, customer service integrity, integrity in management practices, product integrity and personal integrity. Concerning customer value strategy the company ensures it gives focus and obligation to its customers by providing value to them (HOLDER, F. 2013, p. 23). The company does so by ensuring the customers get what they require on time and also ensure the customer gets quality products. In doing so, it is like the company is treating the customer with good ethical behavior and integrity.

Regarding the accounting practices, the company ensures that there are financial transparency and honesty to shareholders, employees, and company. It does so by inviting the external auditors to the company so that they can do the audit of the company financial position. The external auditors can then report on the profit of the company, and as a result, the financial and transparency of the company will have been maintained.

Also, the other way the Pearson Company demonstrates the ethical behavior and integrity is by maintaining the truth in selling. When the company is marketing its products and services, they normally ensure that the customers get as per there requirements. For example, if the customer orders a newspaper then what it needs to be delivered to the customer is a newspaper, not anything else. If at all the company fails to do as per customer's specification then it like you are going against good ethical behavior of any business. In doing what the customers needs then it like the company is maintaining a good relationship with the customers of which it is good in any progress of a company (HOLDER, F. 2013, p. 12). This is what exactly the Pearson Company is doing to its customers. Another way is enhancing integrity in management practices to demonstrate ethical behavior and integrity in the Pearson Company. In Pearson Company they see management practice as the fundamental foundation for integrity. Whether the company is committed to its customers, the company reputation can also be blemished by poor management practice. Employees who work in the company note how their leaders resolve matters in a company and follow how they fulfill the promises they made to them. If they Keep the promise and solve the issues of the company properly, then the employees will work on integrity basis. Therefore the way accompany can impact the integrity in its management is by coming up with a code of conducts and ethics policy. All the employees should be reminded to follow ethical policies failure so that they should face the consequences. For example, if an accountant in the company fails to adhere to rules and regulation of a company, then they should be subjected to punishment.

Consequently, another way is by enhancing customer service integrity in a company. Pearson company after making sells, they follow whether the customers were satisfied or not. Many companies make it easy to take care of the customer before the sale, but after the sell, they find it hard to follow up. The company that does follow up and ensures what the customer experience regarding their product is the one that stands out to be the best just like what Pearson Company does. In doing so is like growing the loyal customer base. Also, personal integrity plays an important role in the company as well. The company leaders are required to show integrity, honesty, and high ethical standards because leaders are the determinant of the success and reputation of the company. The reason Pearson company is succeeding is because of its leaders who maintain high ethical standards. Product integrity as well plays a great role in any company, and majorly it concerns those who purchase services and product. Customer's perception and brand recognition determine the fate of the company on this. If the company is known to produce a good quality product, then the perception of the customers will be good, and it will help build brand recognition of the company. The Pearson Company is well known worldwide because it enhances product integrity.


In conclusion, any person who is employed in any company should ensure that the reputation of the company is enhanced and for them to do so, they need to adhere to ethical behavior. In doing so, the positive image of the company is created among the customers. Also, the company should retain the employees who are good because employees are the one to determine the fate of the company. The selection of good employees should be based on the quality of work they offer rather than favoritism.


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