Essay Sample on Pima County Population Demographics

Published: 2022-09-09
Essay Sample on Pima County Population Demographics
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Pima County is located in Arizona which is in South America, the county is the second largest in Arizona. The county population in the year 2017 was 1,022,769 which is an increase compared to 2016 was 1,003,338 showing a growth of 19,431 and the growth rate of 1.94%.The White Americans are the majority population in the county with 775,748 according to a 2016 estimate. The Black Americans follow with a population of 35,337 and the American Indian and Alaska Native people combined having a total population of 32,542. The mixed-race population is significant in Pima County with 41,572 people. Veterans living in the county account for 86,938 people. The population demographic is very important in estimating the public health needs of the county. Give rates as well as numbers

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Current Employment and Unemployment Rates

The employment rate in the Arizona has been increased because of the increase in the state construction industry. The unemployment rate as of August 2018 in the county was 4.8% which shows a downward trend compared to other counties in Arizona. However there is rise in the construction of residential buildings which will increase the employment levels. Unemployment has a significant impact on health outcomes in a community and the high unemployment in Pima County depicts the state of public health in the county.

Pima County Workforce Makeup by Sex, Age, Race/Ethnicity

Pima County has a workforce of 50.81% women and 49.19% male based on the population of the county. The population of the workforce in Pima County is made up of 436,074 people which is the population above 16 years of age. However, 4.6% of this population according to the unemployment data are unemployed. Only 11.0% of the entire population in Pima County is covered with health insurance amongst people with 65 years of age. Regarding labor force participation by race, the mixed color ethnic groups have labor participation of 65%. The Hispanic ethnic group follows with a labor force participation of 64%, the 2+ races follows with 63% labor force participation, the black Americans follows with 62% and the white non-Hispanics have the lowest labor participation of 53%. Regarding education, the workforce with a bachelor's degree or higher has the highest labor force participation of 78% and those with below high school education have the lowest labor force participation at 60% (Pima County, Arizona Population 2018. d.).

Categories of Employment and Percentages of the Population in the Categories also include data by race

Categories of employment in Pima County are diverse, and healthcare and social assistance have the highest number of the workforce standing at 15.1% as of 2016. The employment categories in Pima Counties include; Healthcare and social assistance (15.1%), retail trade (12.3%), education services (9.8%), accommodation and food service (8.4%), administration, support, waste management services (7%), professional, scientific, technology (6.8%), construction (6.5%), manufacturing (6.2%), public admin (5.8%) amongst others (Pima County..). These data show that health care and social assistance has the largest workforce in Pima County accounting for 40.3% of the total employment which can translate to better public health services and outcomes in the county. The females make up76.59% of the health care industry and the men make up 23.41%. In the retail industry the females make up 49.13% of it while the men make up 50.87%. The education sector consist of 61.42% of females and 38.58% of men. In the administrative sector the men constitute of 62.66% and the females form 37.34%. Females make up 48.35% in the professional industry and the men form 51.65%. The manufacturing industry constitute of 29.15% of the females and 70.85% of the men. Other industries in the county host 55.76% of the females and 44.24% of the men. From this data the working class consist of more women than men in Pima County. The whites form 66% of the employed, Hispanic constitute of 64.1%, the blacks consist of 60.6%, the Asians make up 60% while the mixed race consist of 58% and other races consist of 59.9% of the employed.

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