American Dream Essay Example

Published: 2019-11-28
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Today, many people living in or immigrating to America come in search of an American Dream. American Dream as proclaimed in Declaration for Independence states that all men have the right to liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness since they are equal (Declaration of Independence1). American people are looking to make the best out of their lives by achieving their goals in relation to their American dreams. It entails pursuit of their freedom, opportunity, equality and happiness. However, the American dream holds different meaning to different American people.

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Many Americans still hold on and believe in their American dream. They feel that with determination they can achieve it. They believe that it makes perfect sense to work towards a successful life. America being the land of unlimited and equal opportunities, there are chances of equal success to anybody with hard work and determination to achieve his or her American dream. Their belief is that everyone in America, in his own right, has the freedom to pursue their individual dreams and hopes and to lead rich full lives.

Additionally, most American parents believe in giving their kids a better life than the one they are living through education. Clearly, there is no mystery on how to achieve this American Dream via education. When these kids achieve and have successful careers, to them they have fulfilled their American dream. If those kids go on to lead successful lives, it proves to them that the American dream system still works. So, most parents pass the belief of the American dream to their children so that they can aim higher and want the best.

However, there are those of the opinion that the American dream is nothing more than an ideology waved in front of the working class and doesnt exist. It has caused a recession to many. People have been sucked in Sub-prime mortgages while in the process of acquiring a dream house. The wealthy are becoming richer while the workers are the low-income earners continue to lose benefits, jobs, and pensions. The middle class is being decimated to a level that achieving the American dream seems impossible. They are now in the number being matched by those above and below the tiers of the economy.

Moreover, everyone has his or her own definition of their American Dream. To most people the ultimate achievement of American Dream is when one comes from rags to riches, from nothing to something. Achievements in wealth and the lifestyle associated with it. For others, it is achievements in politics or education. However, for others, it is much more than materialism. For them, the dream is to have a simple and happy life that gives them the ultimate fulfillment in life with features like equality and faith. Finally, there are those who lean toward the view that the dream right now is more robust than in any time in the past.

In conclusion, despite the different meanings the American dream still holds. It is the belief that anyone can achieve their goals and their own personal American Dreams, through hard work and strength of the mind. Therefore, the right of equal opportunities and success to all is the ultimate American Dream.


Hancock, John. "The Declaration of Independence: Full Text." US History, July 4, 1776

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