Linux Transition Proposal, Computer Science Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-26
Linux Transition Proposal, Computer Science Essay Example
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YavinTech, LLC. Have about 750 clients of an operating system including both laptops and desktops that use Windows XP and 7. Due to today's advanced technology, YavinTech, LLC. Has gone a mile ahead and developed a K-2SO group system which will able to run Linux operating system, for both Windows XP and 7. Below is a table that shows the current laptop and desktop configuration which is under the YavinTec, LLC.

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Windows 7 Windows XP

Present Desktop / laptop structure Present desktop/laptop Structure

Processor: Intel Core i3 second generation Memory: 6GB RAM

Hard Drive: 500GB

Network Card: Mbps 10/100/1000

USB Port: 4 USB 2.0

Monitor: 20inch LCD Processor: Intel Core 2 Processor : Intel core i 2

Memory: 4GB RAM

Hard Drive: 80GB

Network Card: Mbps 10/100

USB Ports: 2 USB 2.0

Monitor: 15inch LCD

Therefore, it is evident that all those desktops and computers which are currently developed and installed on the network are above most Linux. Therefore, this it will be of great support during the migration from K-2SO Windows XP to Linux.

Migration from K-2SO Windows XP to Linux

It is evident that all current laptops and desktops hardware's in the market, their configuration figures are quite far better than the requirement needed for the migration of the Windows XP to Linux. However, in today's market, there are various varieties of Linux Variants but, our primary focus will be on the K-2S0 variant which will perfectly meet all our networking expectations. The following are the comparison of Linux distributions in the market, just as it was listed by the in his article. By using Techmint information "The 10 most popular Linux distribution 2016" then after studying them, we will be able to effectively analyze all the data from different Linux networks.

Linux distribution Information


GNOME 3.x desktop

Sponsored by Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) development

Most free software

It is the current version of the computer software


New Unity interface

Very popular

It's modern

It has six-month release warranty

It consists of custom technology when operating.

It has well desktop and server experience

It's a Debian modified

It has a capability of accommodating both smartphones and tablets.

Linux Mint

It doesn't install sensitive software's in it

The highest distribution than Ubuntu

Has Mate Desktop

It has Ubuntu software programs in it

According to Vaughan-Nicholas, there are many types of distributions, and so Linux is said to be in a better position of assisting with the K-2SO networking. As a way of coming up with the best networking site, then we need to install RedHat (RHEL) from Feroda distribution into our K-2SO Linux perimeters.

Linux Justification

According to the research, it is true that Red Hat Linux development is the best variant so far. Hence, the device can provide K-2SO with all its requirements such as better security; good performance as well as compatibility. With RedHat users are in a better position to deliver apps very quick, minimize machines maintenance costs and be able to retain the stability of the enterprise. The best thing about this software is that its systems are done securely in collaboration with the Gnome -RPM application software.

Hardware Requirements

For the Linux to function well with the RedHat enterprise, we need to look more keenly at the current hardware configuration figures, its XP Windows. These include an operating system which is supposed to be modern, type of the CPU to be used, memory used as the well hard disk the capacity of the ROM. Nevertheless, as the process continues slight, changes can be adjusted to the monitor and network. Lastly, for all this to be effective then, the Linux Company needs to buy a license of operation to be able to complete Linux migration from, Windows XP to RHEL.

Installation Options

To install a new RHEL, firstly, we need to gather all the related information about the system and the network to use. Equally, there is also need to verify the following DHCP server and MAC address to the server. Additionally, we need to make sure that, there is testing of all the images on the Windows XP on installation on the set network. These images typically contain the following; IP address, network printers, files sharing, hard drive discs and also information from the installation packages. After installing the RedHat Enterprise Linux software, there is also a need to update the system with boxes too. After everything is okay, then the image and the information is saved on the disk, and the files spread to all workstation networks. It is from here then all those workstations will be able to download the required figures and configurations for their data,

Manpower Requirement

For well and organized software migration process, the entire process is said to take like about one month or less for the explicit verification all the desktops and laptops which has installed with RHEL Linux.

Here is an example of installation time

K-2SO-RHEL Linux Migration

Week 1

Verification of the Hardware and networking takes place here.

The said company gets a license of using RHEL network

Backup for the CPU, memory data

There are creation and testing of images.

Week 2

Testing of network compatibility as well as network verification

Data transfer/ migration

File verification (RHEL)

Files transfer

3rd Week

Feeding of data migration

Installation of printers

Establishing network procedures such as troubleshooting problems

Training of the users

Putting network security

System Administration

The following is how windows are going to interact and work with Linux software.


In this case, the users can include printers by the use of the Graphic User Interface (GUI). However, when using the printer he or she needs first to obtain IP address of the primary Printer and feed it to the new field. Moreover, users are also allowed to include their printers into the system by managing system -Config-printer and to through Lpadmin commands as provided.

File sharing

In this, all files and its sources here it will be under the current Windows which has installed on the new network. However, this software will require some of the new features introduced on the File window transfer for the data to be transferred efficiently. Therefore, in each used file servers, the owner needs to fix NFS for allowing information between the Linux and Windows. Equally, as a way of securing their file sharing among the groups the K-2SO is the one which has an authority of utilizing all the internet files (Red Hat, 2016).Thus, the users will only access what they have shared with the permission of the Linux and Windows.


All the set workstations provided with various figures for configurations which are in line with the servers DNS. As a result, they can recognize and control all the IP address and transfer it to the servers. Thus, the original information from the PXE will be controlled by the DNS which has fixed on the workstations before the installation of the RHEL. DNS transfers the data to its user's workstation as a way of allowing them to get specific IP address and websites too.

Central Authentication

Is the most crucial part, it is used for all security purposes when operating all the computers which have installed Linux. It allows all the files, data, folders and emails to be interchanged and transferred through the use of the private and public security keys.

How the system receives an IP address

After data security, the system will receive its IP address through DNS server. The information that transferred through PXE will have its entire configuration set on every workstation. It is through, DNS server, where the data to the clients will be assigned, allowing them to access the IP address. However, the DNS server is only allowed to manage the IP address of the information Technology within Linux, K-2SO software.

The user will log into this system by using their login sites and their personalized set passwords stored in the Active Directory site in the software. It is through, this; the window servers will be able to permit the servers who are using Linus to access the set new network. All Linux servers have been provided with the SSSD for the configuration as a well as providing them with security between the Windows and Linux networks.

Additionally, the user will be able to encrypt all files within the Linux through K-0SO which can also consider as GNU private Guard. Nevertheless, this encryption will only provide a GUI with data encryption. Therefore, this type of the encryption will allow only specific and selected files, folders, and email messages to exchange through using both public and private security keys. In the event of purchasing the license, the company can incur about 34 dollars which is much cheap as compared to other software's. Linus administrators who are working under the K-0SO system will be able to identify and clarify the entire data configuration as well as network compatibility with the environment. As a result, Linux through the use of the system security Service Daemon will be in a better place to provide the clear security between the windows and the Linux environment. The original images which have been obtained and pushed to the PXE will have two central controllers which are DNS and DHCP data figures.

All the group users in the K-2SO will get a privilege of sharing their files between all the groups and their user's. However, the K-2SO will be utilizing and having the full control of all internets files in use. But if there are any of computers which needs a data encrypt to be secured then, then the keys will be provided.


Therefore, it is evident that Windows XP to Linux migration will be very easy and smooth if all the right procedures followed. Again, it would very cost useful to the developers and the users. As a result, the developers are being encouraged to organize training and seminars about network configurations after they have completed all the work. Ensuring that, users taught on how to handle and used the software in place of their work. Because we are all aware that, K-2SO fits very perfectly with the new RHEL perimeters and so this will give users an excellent chance of security in the environment they will be working.

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