Essay Sample on Jesus Christ's Communication Strategies

Published: 2023-01-23
Essay Sample on Jesus Christ's Communication Strategies
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In pursuit of a cause, achieving targets and other successful ventures, combined efforts are essential. Excellent leadership communication, therefore, comes in handy to rally the team and outside players towards the cause. From a Christian perspective, there are key figures who epitomized excellent leadership communication, from the Bible. One of the most coveted leadership figures from the Bible is Jesus Christ.

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Baldoni proposed four types of leadership communication; expert, visionary, coach, and transformative (Baldoni, 2003). Notably from Baldoni's description of the models, Jesus Christ's approach mostly leans on the transformative peg of leadership communication, with both expertise and vision.

Jesus Christ's statements were revolutionary and focused to change the status quo. Comments like the first becoming last and the last taking upfront positions was a true reflection of his advocacy for change from how things were traditionally (Baer, 2013). Through his address to one of his disciples James, he shows transformative agenda by redefining leadership, that a leader should serve and not be served (Marrs, 2017).

The strengths of Jesus' leadership communication were evident from the content. His messages had fresh, new ideas which had never been contemplated. The society of his time was strictly adherent to the Mosaic Law. However, Jesus' messages had the humanitarian aspect and the need for second thought in enforcing the law. For instance, in defense of a person about to be stoned for adultery, he challenged the crowd to reconsider, whether they were indeed righteous themselves. Jesus also expressed confidence in his followers (Jacobs). He acknowledged Peter as instrumental in the ministry, the rock and foundation of his church.

The delivery of the messages by Jesus Christ was top notch. Jesus Christ used parables in communicating. He conveyed his messages on the terms of his audience, always upholding familiarity (Hopler, n.d.). The people identified and easily related to them. Jesus also used questions, mainly rhetorical to pass out sensitive issues which needed intensive thought.

The outcome of Jesus Christ's communication strategies was that he was able to derive spiritual truths in the daily experiences of the people. The ultimate result of the reflections was a change of stands about various issues, a conviction to follow the way of the Lord and repenting.


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