Barack Obama's Speech - Free Essay

Published: 2022-12-15
Barack Obama's Speech - Free Essay
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Fellow countrymen, this is to address you all concerning the end of my term as your 44th president. It has been and will remain, my utmost pleasure to serve you and see that this great nation continues to develop as we work day-in-day-out to improve the livelihood of our people. There has been a lot of challenges we face as a country that is looked upon by so many young people who are the people to take this country to the next level. I believe that we are headed for greater times ahead and there is no one better to take the country there than you, my fellow citizens. In my term as president, there have been several challenges concerning my form of leadership.

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Well, of course, there has to be opposition especially in the coming up with the Affordable Care Act which was first introduced in 2009 and signed into law in 2010. New ideas do face criticism in many instances but with better understanding, the concept becomes clearer to many and eventually gains acceptance. In one of the instances that I visited Bristol, I knew there was the need to come up with a unique form of healthcare reform. This was due to the fact that many young citizens lacked health cover and put them at risk of accessing healthcare services. Healthcare is an issue of great concern and we all agree that because of every American life matter. As a matter of fact, we are about to embrace a new administration and there are things that we will have to change or adapt to. Health is a national matter and I believe having the Affordable Act into place was in the best interest of the American people

There are important aspects that cannot be left out when addressing issues affecting the nation. One of these are such as the issues relating to our nation and the world at large is concerning the environment. There is an upcoming future generation and their proper existence largely depends on our efforts in protecting the environment. This is one of my pleas that you all take responsibility for protecting the environment. I also hope and trust that the new administration will keep this in mind and ensure that it is achieved. In my part, I directed the Environmental Protection Agency to put an effort into doing away with the dumping of carbon pollutants from our industries. This is to be followed by putting into place new pollution standards in order to improve the quality of our environment and that of future generations. The role of environmental protection does not depend on who seats at the White House since we are all dependent on it and it is an issue that affects us as the human race and not as Democrats or Republicans.

The youth are part of us and the ones to take the country to the next level. We must embrace and guide these children on how to see and develop the best out of themselves. They faced a wide range of challenges and need someone to guide them. If we are not responsible for our kids, then who will? They are our responsibility and our link to the future. With this in mind, I strongly recommend that we take note of our children development and lend a helping hand when the need arises and I believe that the Trump administration will put an effort to see that this does not fail to occur. Lastly, as the Trump's administration begins, I would like to remind every American that we held a meeting at the Oval Office with the president-elect and agreed to put our differences aside and work together for the benefit of each and every one of us.

May God bless us and the United States of America. Thank you.

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