Relationships Essay Sample for Free Download

Published: 2018-03-15
Relationships Essay Sample for Free Download
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Relationships essay

If you saw Pritt and Grace, you would probably think that they are the first couple to encounter love. They first met during their primary school days at Jordan Group of Schools. Although they were kids, they were always together you would think they knew what would become of them later in life. Not even their teacher could separate them in class! However, they were ignored as childish and immature until their teenage days when everybody, including their parents, started wondering what was happening between them.

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During their time in high school, Pritt made the “mistake” of introducing Grace to his parents. It was during one of their holidays that Pritt asked Grace to accompany him home. She knew it would be strange visiting her boyfriend’s home at that age but her love for Pritt was ready to take any risk. However, she thought Pritt would take her home through the back door, but he shocked her by directly walking with her to the living room, where both Troop and Nancy, Pritt's parents, were seated. "Mom and dad, meet my lovely girlfriend!" Pritt said after they were welcomed by his mother. His mother was shocked beyond words; she remained upstanding with her mouth wide open in shock. Troop, his father, was equally shocked but at least he was able to say some words. "My 14-year-old son, what do you have to do with girlfriends at this age? Do you even know what you are talking about?" he asked. The father thought that such a statement coupled with a long session of counseling would change Pritt’s thinking. But at the end of it all, Pritt said, "Dad, I have made up my mind, I am not turning back." Having never experienced this before, the Troops decided to give it time but not without enrolling Pritt for counseling sessions. Ten years later, the Pritt and Grace are holding together, now planning a wedding.

Essay about romantic relationships

Grace was assured that the impromptu meeting of Pritt’s parents in their teenage was the strangest surprise her boyfriend would ever pull on her until the 2014 Valentine’s Day, the year of their wedding. “Darling, could you prepare yourself in 10 minutes, I would like to take you out for a surprise dinner in a place you have never been,” Pritt said in a midday phone call. Turning down was never Grace’s option for any requests by Pritt. In five minutes time, she was in her best dress and Pritt arrived 4 minutes later. When she boarded Pritt's car, he covered her eyes to extend the suspense further. There was no physical communication between them until the next stop. Pritt carried her up to the seat. After a few romantic words, Pritt uncovered her eyes. In front of her were officials of the electoral body of their country who were carrying out mass voter registration for the national elections scheduled for May, the same year. “It’s time to be a patriotic sweetheart!” Pritt said. He had brought her to register as a voter.

Summary of “Lovers' box: Designing for reflection within romantic relationships” by Anja Thieme et al

The Lover’s box is a digital tool designed to enable intimate couples to reflect on their romantic relationships. It combines social psychology and interaction design to come up with an artifact that promotes emotionally significant and long-lasting romantic attachments. The researchers developed four of such boxes and conducted a field study using five couples. The couples were asked to share video messages using the boxes for five weeks. The findings indicated that the sharing of videos using the artifact acted as a mirror and sources of reflection concerning the couple’s relationship. Secondly, the participants treasured the box a lot as it provided as a snapshot into their lover's mind.

Interpersonal relationships training

Through the exercise, I have learned two things. One is collaboration and the other is partnerships. In regards to collaboration, I got to learn the aspect of self-awareness, which challenged me to know what I am great at, and what I do poorly. On the other hand, partnerships during the session helped me to improve my thinking skills and boost my creativity.

The importance of practicing conversations, discussions, and networking with people at different stages throughout my personal, academic, and professional life is that I get to learn a lot from them. Another importance is that it helps me to build mutually beneficial relationships to expand my field of growth. Interacting with peers during the session enabled me to improve my conversation skills, which I believe will help me at later stages of my life.

During the session, I felt anxious communicating with other people at first. Over time, I felt confident, and the words flowed smoothly. I would describe my verbal/non-verbal communication during the interaction as average. The changes that I would like to make are maintaining eye contact. Sometimes, I could look in the opposite direction or face down when talking to people. I feel that I need to make some changes on the eye contact element to create feelings of connection.

The three action steps that I can take utilizing Valencia resources that will support my development of networking, building community, and understanding cultural differences in relationships for me to further my personal, academic and career goals are the following,

Mindset t I ought to have the correct attitude when having conversations with my peers.

Building human connection t I have to listen, ask questions and pay attention when talking to my peers.

Super-connecting t I have to be willing to share, connect, and give during conversations.

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