Essay Sample on Importance of Education in the Army

Published: 2023-12-12
Essay Sample on Importance of Education in the Army
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Combining both training and education in army leaders is of significance since they aid in developing effective leaders. The two terms, however, have varying meanings and outcomes, thus a need to be distinguished. On the one hand, training is the act of teaching individual skills for a specific activity or job. The training aims at making an individual proficient, qualified, and fit for a particular activity or job (Liddy, 2004). On the other hand, education is the acquisition of skills and knowledge, typically in an education environment or classroom. Education in the Army refers to a structured process of impacting knowledge via learning and teaching. There is various importance of both offering education and training army leaders. Some of the importance includes developing influential leaders, generating professionals, and ensuring the workforce is improved. The study focuses on illustrating the various importance of education and training army leaders.

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Education in Military

First, education in military aid in offering intellectual architecture, which is essential for the battlefield's success. The education enables army leaders to develop critical analysis skills, contribute to a reflection culture, and have stable military-civil relations (Liddy, 2004). Given that the Army is given challenging problems to solve, like when needed to battle the Islamic state, education is vital for such battles' success. However, having an education without experience or training, army leaders are not able to attain success. The two must be incorporated for the battlefield success to be achieved.

The other importance is that education act as a force multiplier. It implies that educating the army aid in magnifying the military work. Nevertheless, war is believed to be complex and the province's chance, passion, and reason. However, it is not reasonable to anticipate that army education will lead to battlefield success (Liddy, 2004). Having proper education in the army act as a key to proper training. The two go hand in hand.

Leaders in the Army

Leaders in the Army should get enrolled in higher education and encouraged to counsel their subordinates to enroll. For an individual to be competitive in army ranks, education plays a significant role. Just as Tim Martin disclosed, education is a vital contributor to leadership development in terms of the attributes and qualities (McCausland & Martin, 2001). The two aspects are essential in the growth of army professionals. Some believe that training plays a vital role just as education. In ADP (army doctrine training publication), however, training needs the education to be complete. Thus, as an army leader, more areas need to be devised in which the troops can get the train on to broaden their experiences. To accomplish this, proper education is required to aid the Army to gain adequate training.

Regarding the ALDS (army leader development strategy), a leader's development is a progressive, deliberate, and continuous process found in the army values. The values enable the army civilians and soldiers to grow as committed and competent professional leaders. Leader development thus gets achieved via the career-long concoction of education and training.


It can be concluded that education and training leaders in the Army are crucial in battlefield success. The two need to be complemented to develop effective leaders. Therefore, to create better leaders, training and education need to be balanced. Some of the importance highlighted above includes the provision of intellectual architecture leaders, force multiplier, and effective leaders' development.


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