Essay Sample on How to Be Sober

Published: 2023-12-12
Essay Sample on How to Be Sober
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It is a Saturday, yay! The weekend is here with us again. It has been a stressful and long week! Any plans in place? Most probably some binge drinking. But why spend the night drinking? These are common questions for which many people try to find answers (Bee). Alcohol adversely impacts our daily lives allowing people to act in a way they would not when sober. Whereas some individuals are able to quit drinking, staying sober has proven to be a challenge especially on Saturdays and for those who are just starting on their quest to lead a sober lifestyle (Bee). What are some of the tips to make it easier to stay sober on Saturday nights?

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Find Dining Table

Gather around food, and not booze. The dining table provides a joyful space to gather as family and friends, and in one way or another has a spot for a bottle or two of wine or any other alcoholic drink for sharing. In such cases, other than ditching the space altogether, it is prudent to reinvent meal time with a focus on the community and nourishment of the body by engaging in activities such as baking or cooking something new or elaborate together, watching sports or movies at home with a well-spread snack, or eating at a fancy restaurant just to try the best food in town (Torres).

Do other things or go to other places other than the bar. For most people, it is a matter of keeping themselves busy and away from any places that are most tempting to them (Torres). This process involves substituting drinking places and events with favorite alternative activities that range from ultra-cheesy to mild-cheesy activities. These include going to the library and reading something new, going to a late-night fitness class or yoga, go bowling, catching a show, or even going to bed early.


Just because you are recovering from alcoholism does not mean that you fail to have a little fun. You do not have to give up going to the bars during the weekends with your friends; you just have to establish more ways to change the experience (Coastal Detox). These ways may provide helpful tips on how to stay sober while enjoying your life with your friends. They increase your ability to take charge and control yourself and your actions despite the surrounding environment.


To conclude, knowing how to stay sober on a Saturday night is only half the battle. It is, therefore, vital to but the knowledge into action to win the battle. Whatever you end up doing, do it to remain sober irrespective of whether you feel like the peculiar one.

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