Paper Example - Career in Personnel Administration

Published: 2023-02-06
Paper Example - Career in Personnel Administration
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Pursuing a career in Personnel Administration involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills within human resource management. It is a unit that seeks to offer the best output, which in turn protects and enhances the welfare of the workers. Further, studying this course enables the learners to apply public policies and procedures that are relevant in the procurement department and also maintenance of the organization's workforce ("Commitment to Privacy," 2019). Through the concept of personnel administration, the firm acquires the best of all the available folks as it pays them based on their most significant value contribution. Moreover, the organizations also match the most critical skills that potential employees possess to bring out the best performance in the industry upon the deliberation of their duties within the personnel administration.

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Sources for Effective Leadership in Personnel Administration

Effective leadership in personnel administration works towards the empowerment of employees to keep the company's top goals and objectives ("Five Components of Organizational Leadership for Public Administration," 2019). Preparation for a career in personnel administration should consider the five essential components of leadership that will equip them with education, knowledge, and skills on how to handle their duties while in the company. The five elements are strategic leadership, organizational analysis, conflict management, workplace culture, and overall vision.

Strategic leadership

Public personnel needs to develop strong thinking skills since their duty involves dissecting contradicting opinions. They have the responsibility of maintaining stability within the firm since they face a series of compromising situations. Also, the personnel has a duty of anticipating market changes since they monitor the strategic aspects of the organization.

Organizational Analysis

Leaders within the personnel administration have a duty of performing periodic and detailed analysis to identify areas that require adjustment for better performance of the firm. Therefore, this initiative makes it useful for the public body to analyze the inefficiencies in the business comprehensively.

Conflict Management

It is detrimental for the personnel administration to consider conflict management as a measure in passing legislation and creating forums that enhance collaboration between the departments. Moreover, creativity is also a necessity in managing conflict since it provides leadership skills used by the personnel to accomplish their shared goals ("Five Components of Organizational Leadership for Public Administration," 2019).

Workplace Culture

Through personnel administration, the leaders should be responsible for ensuring a positive work environment within the firm hence leading to tangible benefits. Again, to cultivate a positive working culture requires the person to provide support and communicate effectively to one another during their operations, therefore, leading to improved working relationships.

Overall Vision

Having a vision within the firm is another critical aspect of gaining skills and experience in personnel administration. The ability to create a clear vision for the organization enables the management to communicate the firm's goals effectively to the members of the public. Therefore, not only does this initiative creates awareness among the members of the people but also makes them active participants ("Five Components of Organizational Leadership for Public Administration," 2019).

Requirements for Being Successful in Personnel Administration. Ethics are an essential aspect of personnel administration since they enable the business to operate according to the rules set by the authorities. Based on the ethical practices, there exists accountability between the members of the public and the firm's management. Moreover, ethics enables organizations to receive their needs most fairly. Based on the existing trust between the two parties, the public can understand that the administration works towards satisfying their interests. Again, the community can conduct a timely and informative communication based on the values of ethics that the firms undertake. In cases where the public information divulges, the firm can prevent the potential negative issues that may arise. Further, ethics enables the personnel administrators to communicate directly to the public in case of any suspicious activity leading to harmony between the business and the external environment.

Key Responsibilities and Challenges of Personnel Administration. The specialists within the department of personnel administration provide support to the members by ensuring that they accomplish their essential duties and responsibilities. Some of the duties within this department include events coordination, arranging meetings, creation of presentations as well as handling the phone calls and messages. Again, personnel administrators support other members in different organizations to document and maintain all the files that carry the information relating to the activities of the industry.

On the other hand, personnel administration faces some challenges, such as workplace violence. From the specialists' point of view, violence in the workplaces receives much attention daily due to various confronting issues within the organization. Moreover, it is within the domain of the public administration members to identify possible causes of such violence in the workplaces. Again, the managers operating within the personnel administration department should also focus on identifying the results and the adverse effects of these conflicts within the firm. Hence, the personnel administration should consider taking action, such as setting regulatory compliance, to enable the members within the organization to conform to the set standards of code (Lakis, 2019).


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