A Goodman is Hard to Find. Free Essay

Published: 2023-03-20
A Goodman is Hard to Find. Free Essay
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The short text A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O'Connor puts into dramatic form the scuffle between good and evil. The representation of evil is of the Misfit who is the convicted serial killer. On the contrary, the grandmother attempts to personify goodness. It is a powerful text to read as it comprises elements that characterize the short work of fiction. The writer also was a diligent Catholic, thus his text depended on religious beliefs as a source to inspire her work. The essay will explore and explain what makes the text powerful, thus a necessity to have the future generations read or view the selection.

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A Good Man is Hard to Find is a good read for the coming generations because it explores certain themes that are relatable to every person. A theme like all have sinned, yes we all have at one time made mistakes and if not we have likely heard people say "we all make mistakes." It is a phrase that reassures in instances of mistakes like conducting a simple traffic violation. However, it also creates a much more bothering observation in offenses like murder or robbery. The short story is not arguing that we all are guilty of manslaughter, it rather points out that we all are guilty of something. The tale depicts a pseudo and egocentric vacation of a grandmother together with her family influenced in relation to Christian theology (O'Connor 1). It clearly brings out the thematic focus in the element of all who have sinned, mainly the elderly protagonist. We see her refusing to go to Florida and instead, they should go to Tennessee (O'Connor 1). She attempts to convince Bailey, his son with the tale of a runaway convict to brush off the issue. Nonetheless, she is first in the car the next morning even knowing how that would annoy Bailey. The story fascinates readers even more when we see the grandmother, June Star, and John Wesley proving how dreadful traveling with barbaric kid can be. Red Sammy, on the other hand, is the service station owner where the family stops and we see him and his wife also having their ungodliness. Generally, most people even the future generation may not have trouble pointing out the vices of others, yet we all have sinned. The text will enlighten them that every individual is guilty of something, but unfortunately, only a few will confess to the wrongs. It is clear from A Good Man is Hard to Find that the grandmother fails to see the wrongs of her way up to when she stares death. The text is a powerful read for future generations as they will learn to admit to their mistakes and that will prevent even more shortcomings in the long run.

The text A Good Man is Hard to Find is powerful. The reason is that it brings out the use of symbolism to convey the message to readers, thus it is a necessity to have the future generations view or read the selection. Symbolism is illustrated in the children's and grandmother's ways. The division between the two depicted the generation gap that exists and will exist even in generations. We see June Star and John Wesley as the children, thus a representation of the disrespectful and unruly individuals. On the contrary, the grandmother is a representation of the southern heritage and strong and stubborn godly beliefs. The short story is a powerful text to read to understand the generation gaps. We see the two generations in the story conflicting in the discussion of traveling to Tennessee and not Florida. June Star points out, "She would not stay at home for a million bucks, afraid she'd miss something. She has to go everywhere we go" (O'Connor 1). It is a primary example of how the children's generation had lost respect for the elderly. In reading, this text readers in the future generation will know of appropriate words or phrases to use while addressing people above their age. It is a text from symbolism, it will enlighten future generations of the significance of respecting all. The grandmother quotes, "In my time, children were more respectful of their native states and parents and everything else" (O'Connor 2). The generation gap fabricates a fuss, however, the end result of the two happening together seems positive as we see the grandmother all she says is, "All right, Miss" (O'Connor 1). We also see June Star insulting Red Sammy after him asking if he would be his little girl, June says, "No, I wouldn't live in a broken-down place like this for a million bucks!" (O'Connor 3)In that, we still see disrespect from the kids' generation.

A Good Man is Hard to Find is a powerful text for future generations to read or view it because it gives insights on religion. In that, for any person "the Misfit" in the story, is that the difficult thing concerning Christianity is it is all or nothing with essential quality. Christianity is either not true or true for somebody, both positions are opinionated. It is indicated from the story where the Misfit quotes, "Jesus was the only one that ever raised the dead, and he shouldn't have done it" (O'Connor 10). Religion from the text is showed as people happen to either follow Christ or be anti-Christ figures. The future generations in reading this text will learn to either follow Christ or be anti-Christ and do evil. Also, readers will know that in life there are no two alternatives, it is either a believer or a disbeliever. We see the Misfit naming himself a believer yet he could not agree to the message of Jesus but eventually is loyal to amoral acts of crimes to find consolation. The text is a good selection for future readers as it will give them insights into the significance of living by faith. At the end of the text, also is an aspect of religion that brings out the act of redemption. The future generations in reading the text will learn that once you become a believer you face redemption. We see from the text, the Misfit while using his gun creating instances of redemption in spite of the fact that it was against the grandmother's will.

Flannery O'Connor's text, A Good Man is Hard to Find is powerful for future generations to read or view it because they would learn not to prejudge, but have the ability to tolerate every situation at hand. The grandmother's words and actions show racial and class prejudice which is not ethically appropriate. Her belief is that if you come from "good people" then, you are of good character. Future readers will also know that having a sense of self-righteous is not right. Prejudice is also seen when the grandmother on seeing a little pickaninny, exclaims she has no clothes because she beliefs little riggers in the country lack things unlike them. For her, the conception was that she was from a better family whereby in her time people did right. "People are certainly not nice like they used to be," grandmother notes (O'Connor 3). Consequently, future generations should read this text by Flannery O'Connor to learn not to ignore other people's opinions or lifestyles, thus flaunt their preconceived ideas. Grandmother while in a conversation with Red Sammy who seems to agree to almost every point she makes. She gives her views about the United States' challenges and who seems to be held responsible. She blames Europe claiming that the state acted you would be of the opinion that it was made of money. Alternatively, when they run into the Misfit the grandmother also flaunts her prejudice. She flatters the Misfit, "You are not abit common, I just know you are a good man" (O'Connor 7).

Ultimately, the short story that dramatizes evil and good is the act of crime. Future generations will learn not to involve themselves in acts of crime knowing choices have consequences. Misfit is depicted as a criminal who had even escaped from prison and killed Bailey's family, and his father. However, he denied the killings claiming the dad died following an epidemic flu. The story quotes good people are hard to find meaning criminal acts are rampant in the community causing dreadful threats. As Red Sammy quotes, "A good man is hard to find, everything is terrible, I remember the day you could go off and leave your screen door unlatched. Not no more" (O'Connor 4). Today, people are mean they do not do an act of kindness but are heartless. The future generations in reading this text by O'Connor will comprehend the need of doing good to the people.

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