Essay Sample on Disparities for Black People

Published: 2023-12-12
Essay Sample on Disparities for Black People
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In the U.S economy, the rate of unemployment of black people is twice that of white people even if they are educated. When employed, black people are likely to be underemployed even if they hold a college or an advanced degree. This high rate of unemployment and underemployment clearly shows that racial discrimination is a significant failure of the labor market (Williams and Wilson). The U.S labor market has put up restrictions that make black people remain stuck in occupations that are low waged. People in These low waged occupations do not enjoy the protection of labor laws. This racism has resulted in gaps between the black and the white people in the labor market.

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Union Representation

Union representation is essential to the black people attaining wealth and employment. There has been colossal union participation of black people. However, the states in the southern part of the U.S generated policies after world war II, making it difficult for people to attain union memberships(Ajilore). On top of lower union representation, the southern states have a history of labor policies that are racist that tend to legalize racism. Patterns of labor enforcement also promote racial disparities in the southern states of the U.S. six southern states do not have investigators for minimum wage violations. Therefore, firms take advantage of this and illegally refuses to pay minimum wage workers, knowing very well that these workers are not capable of taking any action since they have minimal resources(Ajilore).

The African American community should not be ignored since it comprises a significant portion of the American population. The way of protecting the black people in the labor market is through raising the minimum wage. This policy could dramatically lower poverty levels. The House of Representatives has passed the Raise the Wage Act recently. This act states that the federal minimum wage should be $15 per hour by 2025(Ajilore). This act will help the black people, especially those in the southern states that do not have the state minimum wage but depend on the federal minimum wage. This federal minimum wage will address the regional disparity in the U.S. labor market.

Government Focus

The U.S government should focus on union representation. Union representation helps the weak in the economy to have a voice and stands up for the rights of those who do not have resources or the ability to stand for themselves. Union membership and representation ensures the wages are raised, and its members enjoy benefits. It has also facilitated many African Americans to have much wealth(Ajilore). Improving the worker power and increasing their representation in the unions can help the workers to have bargaining rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

Removal of the structural barriers to increasing voter participation could have the most significant impact on eradicating the disparities for black people in the economy. The better representation will clear the way for economic mobility that is better. However, this representation may not be achieved due to many barriers against voting and registration of the black people. Reforms such as same-day registration, automatic registration, and early voting should be made. These reforms will empower more black people to take part in democratic participation(Ajilore).


It is evident enough that there is racial discrimination against black people in the economy. It the responsibility of the government to get rid of policies that promote racism in all American states. The members of the black community should come together and join unions that will be their voice to speak out against racism and discrimination. The provision of a minimum wage law will help people who are employed in the low wage jobs sector, mostly black people.

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