Essay Sample on Consumer Health Informatics

Published: 2023-01-28
Essay Sample on Consumer Health Informatics
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According to the Pew Research Centre survey, adults ownership of tablet or smartphone increase by about 40% from 2011 to 2016 (Smith, 2017). This continued spike in the creation of platforms and technological engagement to access health management services or medical health records mobile the Healthcare industry with innovative techniques to improve patient care. In this paper, I will compare and contrast the patient portal and mHealth.

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Compare and Contrast mHealth and Patient Portal

mHealth refers to a technique of providing health information or services through applications or Portal on wireless devices such as tablets and smartphones. Tablets and smartphones enable Healthcare providers to send and access information freely. mHealth Tools are used by service providers and physicians for documentation, orders, as well as reach more information when with the patient. Patient-focused mHealth programs or applications store information directly on the mobile device which provides an opportunity for disease management or patient-initiated health (Ellis, 2018). On the other hand, Patient models refer to secure websites that aid patients to view their health information at any time. Most patient portals are mobile enable through a web-based platform. Thus, they are considered as a type of mHealth.

Both patient portal and mHealth applications can allow more accessible and effective bi-directional communication. Communication takes place in the form of secure messaging such as email or live chat among providers and patients, including pharmacists, specialist physicians, and primary care. Also, they allow patients to become an active player in their own Healthcare. The patient is closely involved as well as better educated about their care.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Mobile Health and Patient Portal

The patient portal provides patients with access to their health status or information. For example, appointments, discharge summaries, doctor visit notes, medication list, immunization records, and medical test results. The benefits of the patient portal are the added ability for communication between providers and patients, especially the chronically ill patients, the opportunity to obtain accurate and complete patient information, and the ability to empower patient as well as provide them with ownership in their care. The drawbacks of the patient portal are Healthcare data thief or potential hacker May access patient information, and some patients find it difficult to use (Heath, 2016).

mHealth apps Allowed appointment scheduling as well as patient engagement to those who want to find a particular data element. The element can be an improvement status, medication adverse effects, disease symptoms, or giving providers accurate and real-time record (Becker hospital review, 2014). The benefits of mHealth apps are they connect Healthcare providers and patient to improve speed and ease of contact, they encourage healthy behavior, and some can be educational and informative. For example, there is an app for medical reference. The drawbacks of mHealth apps are the lack of regulation and approval, inaccurate information, and too much medical jargon. For example, some apps claim to measure user's stress levels and heart rate using a sensor beneath the phone camera. When tested, these apps cannot get a reading at all or provide varying results, but rarely do their provide warning that the information provided is potentially unreliable as well as untested.

These health information technologies improve quality healthcare because they allow health providers to respond patience whether away or at the office in a safe way, they also facilitate untimely and informed communication between patient and their healthcare Providers. Also, they allow patients to be in control of their Health as well as Care. Consumers will engage using these tools since they make communication between the patient and provider easy; they provide an opportunity to obtain accurate and complete patient information, and the ability to monitor and manage their health.


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