Essay Sample on Charismatic Leadership Approach

Published: 2023-04-01
Essay Sample on Charismatic Leadership Approach
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Charismatic leadership approach is best describing Ventura, charismatic leadership is defined by persuasiveness and charm of a leader. Charismatic leaders are driven by commitment and convictions to their cause. Some of the qualities of a charismatic leaders are characterized by the extra ordinary communication skills (Gebert, Heinnitz & Buengeler, 2016). This is evident by the company allowing the public voices to be heard through the company's public outreach site (, where people offer videos testimonials about the social and economic benefits the Rangers bring to the community. The site also used by the company to communicate to the public on all the information related to the natural gas exploration. Other qualities of charismatic leadership are determination, vision, confidence and creativity among others. All this is seen in Ventura he was determined ensure the safety of the public and the environment, on creativity it can be seen by the recycling of water that was used in drilling process.

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Communication plays a major role in all businesses, in energy companies communication is essential it helps in building and maintaining relationships between employers and employees, between the company and stakeholders, also the company and the public. Communication also helps in managing employees, contributes to the growth of the company. Communication ensures that there is transparency in the company such that the public is aware that the energy company has their interest like in the case of the range company it is through communication that the public knew that the environment is safe, it also helped them know that the public is gaining from the company both economically and socially.

Managers can enhance communication approach by the following ways, one being by investing on communication and collaboration tools like in the ranger's company case they invested on site where it was used as a platform for the public to post their views. By also practicing good listening skills mangers should learn to listen to grievances from employees or even the public, they should not only listen but take action and give feedback. Another way of enhancing communication is by sending internal news letters this helps in creating awareness to not only employees but the public will be able to get the big picture about the company (Stanciu, Condrea, & Zamfir, 2016). Celebrating employee's achievements, inviting questions and team building also help in enhancing communication.

The charismatic leadership in Range Resources Company has an emotional impact on the employees where the employees would follow the behavior and characteristics of the CEO. This impacts commitment in that they become visionary and work towards achieving the goal of the organization (Deci, & Ryan, 2014). A good communication conveys to employees what is required of them and therefore employees would deliver quality work. It encourages teamwork and improves the morale of the employees who in turn would become more committed to the organization.

The values of the organization enable the employees to develop a culture where they care about the environment and the people who may be affected by their activities. Therefore, a good leadership, communication and sound values enable the employees understand their work clearly. This way, they would be able to operate on their tasks with full motivation and desire to achieve the objectives and vision of the organization, after what the leadership is doing at the top. Every organization should therefore embrace a good leadership.


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