Painting of Photography Description Essay, Free Example

Published: 2019-10-08 15:48:37
Painting of Photography Description Essay, Free Example
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This painting of photography shows a tree with several branches but only a few having leaves on what seems to be a small island with few rocks in the foreground surrounded by a mass of water moving far into the background without an end and with its roots deeply seated in the ground. The tree is a young tree as its trunk is not well developed for instance it is not wide and the tree is quite short as it can see the whole of it in the painting. The roots are so deep such that they transcend the ground and go past it into the water. At the bottom of the picture there seems to be a variety of different types of fish and although they are not all visible to allow for a clear depiction of what variety each is, those on the foreground can be distinguished by their different colors. For example there are some that are blue, red and two different shades of gold. The fish are moving in groups where they are seen to all be heading for the trees roots.

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The use and display of the colors is very vivid bringing everything to life. The roots also have different colors which might symbolize the different value the tree and its roots have to each of the different types of fish in nutrition, shelter or other value. It is believable that each color of the roots is coordinated to the different colors of fish where each heads to the root with a similar color to it. However, from the painting, the tree can be said to be unhealthy or fully mature judging by the fact that some of its branches are bare of any leaves. The location may be humid or hot preventing maturity of the leaves fully but also because no more vegetation or trees are seen anywhere else especially in the background. The paintings lighting is bright implying that it was created in the daytime when the sun was out. Additionally, the paintings angle of work shows that the frames and strokes used were parallel in direction which means that each stroke was drawn onto the surface in one direction.

The composition on the other hand is also appropriately set up as the painting is appealing and drawing an observer in making them more curious to see what else lay within the work. It also ensures that my attention as the viewer is on the centerpiece that is the focal point, which is the tree and its surrounding both top and under. Further supporting the efficiency of the contrast is the balance in the work where it is striking but the color and light ensure unity of all the components and still bring the viewer back to the center of it all that is the focus, the tree and its features. The movement of all the different factors such as the fish is also rhythmic and proportional further complementing the composition of the painting.

Overall, the painting is lively and shows the beauty in natures coexistence. The artist did a good job of bringing forth a pattern that aids the viewer understand their line of thought and purpose which might be a value of the environment and nature and the essence, beauty and role each part of the components within the painting has to play for survival.

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