Essay Sample on Academic and Professional Resources and Strategies for Nursing Practice

Published: 2022-12-14
Essay Sample on Academic and Professional Resources and Strategies for Nursing Practice
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Academic Resource/Strategies

Local Library

A local library might be a great academic resource since it certainly provides free access to the academic information materials that I may need. The materials may include books as well as other resources about new trends in family nursing (De Jager, Nolte & Temane, 2016). Being an academic library, I am expecting to get sufficient resources for family nurse practice.

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The Internet

The internet is a significant academic resource since I can use it through participating in online forums and access to free internet-based sources of information. According to Dorell, Isaksson, Ostlund and & Sundin (2017), it can assist a student to collect data and enable a student of MSN through gathering others; views. This strategy will be important to improve my level of idea formation.

Learning Nurse Resource Centers

These resource centers exist in the form of websites in which nursing learning and continuing education are published. This can serve as a great source of information and skill development for an MSN student (De Jager, Nolte & Temane, 2016). This will have a significant academic effect by helping me to develop as a family practitioner well.

Professional Resources/Strategies

Nursing Associations

I would register for membership in some of the recognized nursing associations like the AMA. The medical societies accommodate both students and professionals. I would get the opportunity to intervene in the problems of the public on medical grounds.

E-newsletter on Nursing Tips

E-newsletters are sent to the subscriber's email and they contain tips and current trends in nursing. This strategy can keep me updated on the current and emerging trends in family nurse practice.

Nursing Career Articles

Nursing career articles are a significant professional resource important for a family nurse practitioner. Coyne (2013) provided that they are important to help a nurse to some advance practice, therefore, it will use them to be exposed to practice after learning in school.


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