Essay Sample Expanding a Colleague's Position on Writing a Literature Review

Published: 2022-10-21
Essay Sample Expanding a Colleague's Position on Writing a Literature Review
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Expanding on my Colleague's Position

I want to say that my colleague provided a concise summary and evaluation of Greenhalgh et al.'s (2015) use of literature. For instance, my colleague pointed out that most 40% of the reviewed literature were current or were published five years before the publication of Greenhalgh et al.'s (2015). Apart from my colleague's summary and evaluation of literature, I would like to add that conducting a literature review comprising of recent studies is vital in understanding how one's study fits into the larger topic conversation (Lingard, 2015). It is also important to note that Greenhalgh et al. (2015) discussed the results of their study in the context of past studies, highlighting similarities and differences.

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Further Suggestion

Review of current literature is an integral part of scholarly research because of its benefits. A good literature review is also useful in promoting scholarship (Maggio, Sewell, & Artino, 2016). Also, according to Boyer, Moser, Ream, and Braxton (2015), understanding of the current literature contributes to 5 of the six attributes which form the basis for evaluating scholarly work. They include articulation of clear goals, critiquing of past studies, communicating appropriate findings, choosing relevant methods, and show evidence of adequate preparation. Greenhalgh et al.'s (2015) should have incorporated a higher percentage of current primary sources than the 40% used. However, it has been noted that striking a balance between old established papers and current ones, which refute and support the current research topic is an essential part of literature review (Winchester & Salji, 2016).

Agreeing with my Colleague

I agree with my colleague on many issues highlighted in the critique. For instance, Greenhalgh et al.'s (2015) study are original because unlike past studies which employed behavioral models to understand gestational diabetes, their study utilized sociological and anthropological theories to model how various risk factors of diabetes interact to influence the development of gestational diabetes.


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