Essay Sample: Examining Nike Inc.'s Global Processes and Impact on the World

Published: 2023-02-25
Essay Sample: Examining Nike Inc.'s Global Processes and Impact on the World
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Nike Inc. is an international corporation that has its processes revolving around the design, development, and manufacturing and around the globe marketing and sales of footwear, equipment, apparel and services. The company is world's largest supplier of athletic apparel and shoes and also a major manufacturer of sport equipment.

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The first hit upon searching for Nike Inc is a source that reveals latest Nike Inc. stories (Nike Inc, 2019). The source can be considered a primary source because it contains quality and reliable information. The material serves its purpose (relevant) of informing exciting and potential clients about what the organization has been up to. In terms of currency, the information contained in this source is up to date with high level facts about what the company does. However, there are two main drawbacks for this source; the material does not contain the name of the author and has no outside sources though the data contained in the website can still be trusted because it is the company's publication website.

The second hit is more effective as it contains an author by the name Ben Boskovich. The article also contains information that is up to date as it is published a day before this research (Boskovich, 2019). The author is very accurate in his research as he maintains an opinion of the kind of shoes that should be bought from the Company. With a great purpose of persuading the audience, this source maintains its purpose but fails to meet the criteria of using external sources of research.

A third hit that I bumped into during this research is a Wikipedia source. Generally, Wikipedia is not considered an academic source but for this research I found it to be useful. There is no information about the author who published the information on this source but what makes it accurate is that it serves a general purpose of informing the audience. This source contains a lot of information that is based on facts and is up to date.

A fourth hit similar to the Wikipedia source is written by The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica (2019). The source is suitable for research because it serves it purpose of informing and relevant also because the depth of information coverage is adequate. The source does not contain an author but it is still accurate as it is published by a large commercial publisher. The information in the source is up to date though lacks external citations.

The last hit by Finish Line (2019) is up to date and maintains a greater purpose of making a sale. Being a website that is conducts sales, the data in this source could not be as useful in getting information regarding the company. However, this source still makes a great one because it is accurate, relevant and current though lacks a publisher and external citations.


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