Essay Sample Analyzing Growth of Technology in Tourism

Published: 2022-04-18
Essay Sample Analyzing Growth of Technology in Tourism
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The growth of technology affects several aspects of people's lives from personal engagements to business activities. In particular, the tourism business has experienced a tremendous change in its operation over the past few years which was earlier regard as an impossibility. In that regard, with growth of technology, the industry has benefited positively (Moutinho & Vargas-Sanchez, 2018). According to several researchers, the development of technology has done wonders to improve the experience of travelling right from imagination and dreaming to planning, booking sharing, and even experiencing. Although technological growth just like any other entities has got its disadvantages, its benefits outweigh drawbacks hence has led to amazing spurs in tourism on a global scale.

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One of the most important technological growth that tourism has witnessed is the online booking. According to the Baum (2016), it is one of the most significant scientific revolution that has made the industry get more money but has also reduced the hustle of physical booking which wastes a lot of time. In most countries, entities such as airports and recreational sites are always busy hence assessing them result in traffic jam which later wastes time of people at the same time slows down the rate at which people are served. However, with the introduction of online booking, travelers can secure their tickets at their homes or in their offices with very littles hassles.

Growth of technology has also made advertisement of the destinations areas very easy and cheap. For example, the introduction of social media such as Facebook has seen companies create pages to advertise their packages online. One does not need any referral from other people which in most cases have been wrong and exaggerated. According to Moutinho and Vargas-Sanchez (2018), such moves have also reduced the expenses of companies that offer travel services since they minimized the rate at that they advertise on national TVs which are quite expensive.

Another technology growth which has influenced tourism is media and communication. In specific, TV provides a format not only for travels and holidays advertisements but also for programs that are devoted exclusively to promoting a foreign country. An elusive form of TVs advertisements is through biographies. As individuals observe foreign nations depicted in the auspicious light of televisions they feel inspired with such countries. With the developments of the internet and computers, technology has provided innumerable other habits of increasing tourism and travelling (Moutinho & Vargas-Sanchez, 2018). As it is now, it easier for individuals to search through the internet on how to book the desired place for holidays via the websites of such companies. It has therefore, resulted in a significant increase in an international tourism.

In conclusion, growth of technology is one of the factors that has increased the industry of tourism. As a result of technological growth, people can now book their tickets online with necessary visiting physical offices of such traveling companies. Secondly, technology reduced tourism expenses in terms of advertisements. Most companies are currently focusing on social media adverts instead of TVs which are considered expensive. Lastly, technology enabled people to research on several aspects of tourism through the use of computer and internets. Individuals are now aware of services provided by certain entities hence they can make proper decisions. As such all these factors has expanded tourism and all tourism destinations are now known by most people.


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