Essay Sample about Samantha Parks, the CEO and Owner of the Sparks Company

Published: 2022-03-09
Essay Sample about Samantha Parks, the CEO and Owner of the Sparks Company
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Question 13-16

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Samantha Parks being the CEO and owner of the company Sparks, it is understandable why she needs to keep a tight rein over the majority of projects. It is recommended that top-level managers keep a close connection to the projects that occur in the business so that the direction of the firm does not lose focus (Giang, 2013). As her firm is expanding, it might be easier for her to delegate some of the smaller projects to other employees to increase their job satisfaction. The power tactic of consultation can be used (Involving the target in accomplishing your plan to increasing the target's support) to maintain control over the smaller projects without directly overseeing them.

If I were Samantha Parks, I would prioritize projects based on their level of importance. Those projects with high importance would be considered first and delegate to employees or associates based on their skills, credentials and their past work. However, I would oversee the project as it goes on. As the CEO, I would not "sweat the small stuff" but rather delegate the tasks to employees based on the projects level of importance

Question 13-17

As the owner and CEO of the company, I believe Samantha must possess some high measure of oversight and authority over the project managers. Her employees should represent the company in the best possible way because if a project fails or does not give desired outcomes, then the company's name will be tarnished and not the individual employee. She can avoid being a hindrance to the creative process without giving up too much control by dividing the projects that she delegates into smaller tasks for multiple people (Giang, 2013). There would be one employee at the head, but they can all work together to accomplish the project rather than give the employee in charge the power to delegate who does what. She can still listen in and comment on the projects when the group meets together, Samantha maintains control over who does what, but doesn't have to follow it from start to finish.

Question 13-18

A task that an organization's top executive should never delegate is the responsibility of the company. As Samantha Parks is the owner and CEO, the whole company is her responsibility. Such include: everything that happens in the company, what her employees do and the success or failure of the company are all her responsibilities. She should never try to delegate or blame responsibility for the company other employees ("What Is Power in the Workplace?" 2011). Likewise, any decision that would affect the whole organization should not be delegated to other employees. She needs to make the big decisions and not let anyone else take charge of the important strategic matters.

An executive can certainly take the input of another, but the outcome must be their decision. Another task is hiring and assessing the competency of those directly below the executive in the management chain. The CEO needs to decide who reports to them directly and make sure they are properly trained and qualified ("What Is Power in the Workplace?" 2011). Those directly below the top executives in the chain should be determined by the top executives, and once they are hired the CEO needs to be keeping track of their performance. It is important that the top executives choose their subordinates and keep track of the job they are doing.


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