Free Essay: The Cultural Influence of My Behavior on Cosmetics

Published: 2023-02-23
Free Essay: The Cultural Influence of My Behavior on Cosmetics
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Culture is the greatest fundamental source of an individual's behavior. It exists at the base of an individual's worldview. Different personalities and behaviors are a result of the culture (Khraim, 143). An individual cultural believes has a big influence on their idea of beauty. Ever ethnicity group has created their ideas to deliberate about their natural idea of cosmetics. Therefore, different aspects of cultural setup can influence deliberation of beauty.

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Constant exposure to the media such as YouTube and Instagram has to lead to the need for makeup in my life. Images of other women being exposed in the media have made me feel unconfident in terms of appearance. The use of facial cosmetics in our society today has made me believe that it does increases my attractiveness and that and that I look healthier and feel more confident than when I am not wearing makeup at all. This as well influences my self-esteem since enhancing my beauty using cosmetics tends to manage and control social apprehension and self-image. The use of makeup has most of the time affected my confidence levels since it transforms my looks into how I want to look like comparing how the celebrities and socialite look gorgeous and pretty on their images. I tend to have more confidence in myself while wearing makeup as compared to when I am not having makeup at all which makes me have makeup as a daily routine since it's an easy process and it can be done by an individual.

The use of cosmetics has made me become more materialistic and has made me put too much focus on appearance, which makes me feel like I am obsessed with cosmetics. It is believed that sometimes using cosmetics adds attractiveness to a person. I use this to attract the opposite sex since it makes me look more sexy and attractive thereby making me feel confident. Everyone keeps on comparing to each other every day and hence they want to be like these other people. You get in situations whereby your friends attract more of the opposite sex than you do due to the qualities they have such as good bodies or being light-skinned. This influences one by cosmetics by lightening their skin to get the glow they want since their friends or peers are that way and attract more men according to their skin color. Body shapes also influence one in that they are tempted to use butt enhancement pills to add on their curves and get the look they want to attract the opposite who in most of cases like well-curved and endowed women.

The beauty industry has flourished with more products in which they insert pressure on how one should or should not look like (Patil, and Bakkappa, 45). The ethnicity of beauty fixation has made me feel like am a failure that I do not choose carefully. This is because of the level of how other people form an opinion about me-whether bad or good. Therefore, having a remarkable effect on how I feel about myself.

The use of cosmetics can boost self-esteem and as well lower it (Patil, and Bakkappa, 43). This is how it does lower one's confidence. Through the media advertisements by the use of unachievable beauty, this has led to lower confidence, excessive dieting, and eating disorders. The present levels of beauty are unachievable mostly in terms of being slim and having an hourglass figure or body type. Mostly I find myself o excessive dieting to maintain my shape and avoid adding on weight to achieve an hourglass figure like that of Huddah Monroe.

It is every woman's dream to look attractive and sexy all the time. Cultural influence has made it more than what it looks like. Women have gone beyond boundaries to the unexpected to fulfill the societal answers on how they should or should not appear. From wearing makeup to skin lightening, butt enhancements and even going through surgeries to fit in society. This mostly affects the teenagers for they feel like they should like someone in the magazine or adverts. Most of them due to lack of good finances they find themselves not having enough money to enhance their beauty hence using backdoors that eventually result in negatives effects such as unbalanced skin tones when one goes for skin lightening. This, therefore, affects self-esteem since what they desired for is not what happened.

In our society today, I would say that the use of cosmetics has both negative and positive effects on one's behavior. As much we may see it enhance our attractiveness and looks, it as well makes us forget our real selves and we forget to appreciate ourselves. Every person wants to look good and the use of cosmetics should not be exaggerated like the way we see in media adverts. Not all beauty is achievable. If we think, it enhances our self-esteem why do we have to feel bad when we are not wearing makeup at all. This should be the sense women use cosmetics have so that despite using them they should also consider their influence on how they perceive themselves. Women should understand we could not always be perfect at least that is how God created as to be. So let us appreciate our beauty and physical appearance.

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