Essay Exampleon Scientific Insights: A Day in the Life of Observations, Experiments, and Research

Published: 2023-12-30
Essay Exampleon Scientific Insights: A Day in the Life of Observations, Experiments, and Research
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Ways of Acting as a Scientist during a Workday

Scientists are smart people but what matters is their thinking process. Science is not only about discoveries but also a process of finding solutions and learning the truth. Observing how learners behave while in indoor and outdoor activities helps to boost morale and make better findings. Weighing what might work perfectly for the learners to attain each day’s objectives and goals as expected results to satisfaction. Carrying out experiments and doing what had been observed b earlier ensures the value of the observation is obtained. Examining the learners to observe if the outcome is as expected, the attainment of the goal is measured.

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Separation of Unsupported Claims from Research-Based Information

The research-based information needs to be timeliness; the research was done recently for relevance, credible and authorized authors and sources such as books and articles. The ability to identify the sources needs a deep understanding of purpose. Substantial evidence, discussion, argument, and theories in research-based information give it trustworthiness. The contents are well-reviewed and have less bias. A comparison of the information provided with other reliable sources helps to separate the unsupported claims. The use of unreliable information destroys credibility and has less powerful arguments leading to untrustworthiness.

Feelings about the Topic of Research and Changes in Viewpoint Experienced

I had a narrow definition of research while beginning the topic where my focus was on the research's content and outcome. In the research topic, I have learned that research is a learning process. There is active participation; mind involvement, and collaborative learning; the research activities have enhanced me to acquire the necessary skills and attitudes for future professional practice and development. Besides, the research activities have promoted my reflective learning, where my thinking has improved. Reflective learning leads to moral, emotional, cognitive, and psychological growth and helps one become an active learner and a critical thinker (Fergusson et al., 2019). I have been able to manage time and resources, communication skills, and self-directed learning. My relationship with the lecturer has improved as guidance is needed in my research project to understand better research activities that affect me for active learning.

The Approach to Reading Research Articles

I begin by reading the research topic, abstract, and conclusion. Breaking down the research article into sections enables me to read step by step, attaining the skills to read with ease. If I decide to read the entire article, I peruse the key elements effectively and efficiently systematically.


Fergusson, L., Van Der Laan, L., & Baker, S. (2019). Reflective practice and work-based research: a description of micro and macro reflective cycles. Reflective Practice, 20(2), 289-303.

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