Essay Example on Supplemental Security Income Programme

Published: 2022-12-11
Essay Example on Supplemental Security Income Programme
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Supplemental Security Income Programme is a programme in united states that provides cash support and health care cover to disabled or blind people with the age of 65 or older and also children who have insufficient funds and income to support themselves. There are qualifications that someone must have so as to benefit from supplemental security income programme which is that the person must be disabled and at the age of 65 or older (Schmidt, 2012). He/she should have limited resources and also income. The person should also be a citizen of the United States by birth so as to qualify for the programme membership.

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Supplemental security income programme also has different mandates in society. The mandate includes payment of benefit cash to individuals with a disability who are 65 years and also children with low earnings and insufficient facilities to cater to their needs (Mulligan & Sala-i-Martin, 2004). The money provided is presented in the form of a check in every end month and helps the disabled to pay for food and also shelter.

The analytic framework comprises of methods that fit for applied policy research. These methods are better adapted to research comprising specific questions, a restricted time frame and also predetermined sample (Mulligan & Sala-i-Martin, 2004). There are factors which influence policy choice comprising analytic framework. The factors are social, political and economic.

The political factors comprise of government policy, corruption, foreign trade policy, trade restrictions, and competition regulations and also labor (Schmidt, 2012). These factors are mostly considered when one is making any policy choice to ensure that he or she has made a choice that fits his destination. In most cases, the person making a decision should make a decision that considers the imposition of low government taxes and also few competitors over any decision

The social factors which influence policy decision include crime, social welfare policies and also economy boosting. Some factors such as social welfare policies cover a great number of factors that must be considered in any policy decision making (Mulligan & Sala-i-Martin, 2004). Some of the factors included in social welfare factors are child protection, justice, unemployment insurance and also poverty reduction. These factors bring a great impact in policy decision framework.

The economic factors include supply and demand, interest rates and unemployment. These factors determine the results of every policy decision making (Schmidt, 2012). All these factors should be considered in every decision so as to give a balanced outcome.

These factors enable one to weigh the advantages and also the disadvantages that may be accrued after each and any decision has been made. In the case of supplemental security income programme, the three factors enable the programme to plan on the amount of money to be given out and also ways to compensate the money back for the next supply (Schmidt, 2012). They help the program also to identify the amount of tax to be paid to the government and also on how to balance the money to reduce poverty amongst the disabled areas.

Rural cultural wealth lab brings together experience and knowledge about different practitioners and scholars (Mulligan & Sala-i-Martin, 2004). They dig out information about both culture and rural art in fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. There are different important elements of rural art and culture which include natural capital, social and human capital (Schmidt, 2012). These elements are important such that the work of art connects people from all parts of the country.


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