Essay Example on Postgraduate Study in Law

Published: 2022-12-26
Essay Example on Postgraduate Study in Law
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Studying law is a fascinating experience. It offers learners the opportunity to gain various skills and develop different perspectives of viewing life. Besides, the law is one of the most ancient academic fields on the global front. A degree in law is very prestigious because it guarantees not only lucrative but also prestigious career opportunities. Different people have various reasons for studying law. The most common reasons include upholding justice and experiencing a lucrative and fulfilling career. Being a law student, I have my reasons for studying law. Therefore, this paper describes the reasons behind my decision to study law. It also highlights the importance of studying law at the postgraduate level, as well as, my paths towards my studying law at the postgraduate level.

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Reasons behind Studying Law

Right from my childhood, I had a strong belief that my future was in law. All members of my family were practicing law. Both my parents were legal practitioners including my brother. I had the right motivation and role models right from our house that drove me to like law. Therefore, from my earlier stages of life, I was constantly interacting with different aspects of the law. I could read my parents' law books, and occasionally, I was accompanying my mother to the courts. Consequently, I developed a strong connection and love towards law at a tender age. I vowed to pursue a career in law and worked hard towards achieving it. Unlike the majority of people who focus on the lucrative salaries attached to the law, my passion and love drove me to study law. It is imperative to note that I had an opportunity of undertaking a career of my choice based on the influential nature of my family, but I decided to study law.

Apart from my family influence towards my passion and love for the law, I also received motivation from influential people around the world. I realized that the majority of the world most significant people had a history with the law. Some of such greatest leaders who had careers in law include the legendary Mahatma Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Margaret Thatcher, as well as President Barrack Obama. I was fascinated by their achievements, and I believed that their connection with law played an important role in shaping their destiny. Therefore, I was motivated by their accomplishments which inspired me to follow in their footsteps by pursuing a career in law.

Importance of Studying Law at Postgraduate Level

Undertaking postgraduate study in law will nevertheless be beneficial to my career in several ways. The first way is that it will equip me with the right and necessary research skills that are crucial in my law career. Masters in law being a research-based discipline, I will have the opportunity of getting trained on how to conduct a research study. The knowledge gained from knowing how to conduct a research study will be helpful in my career together with my future endeavors since I am planning on doing Ph.D. Besides, research study skills gained from indulging in postgraduate law study will also open more doors in the job market (Miller, 2016 p.31).

The second option of undertaking studying law at postgraduate level is to improve my employability prospects. Currently, the world is witnessing a crowded job market. Therefore, it can be challenging to get noticed if you lack something more informed of the qualifications. Therefore, engaging in postgraduate in law will grant me that additional qualification that will give me an advantage in the world market. Besides, my current undergraduate degree in law is very general and is lacking refined aspects that are essential in the market. Therefore, the postgraduate study will enhance my level of specialized knowledge that is tailored made for a specific job market.

The third benefit that I will accrue by studying law at a postgraduate level is to help me develop and apply transferrable skills in my area of study. One crucial aspect of postgraduate education apart from improving the mastering of the subject under investigation is the development and application of important skill that is vital in the job market. Some of the transferable skills that I will develop from undertaking law study at postgraduate level include intellectual rigor, advanced research skills, project management, enthusiasm, data handling, and lateral and critical thinking among the rest (Miller, 2016 p.34).

The fourth benefit that I am likely to experience by pursuing a postgraduate in law is to become a specialist. An undergraduate law degree only offered me the law in general. However, postgraduate will provide an opportunity form to be a specialist. I am planning to be a specialist in commercial law. Moreover, postgraduate will also afford me the privilege of networking and interacting with professionals who are specializing in commercial law. Networking with such specialized is very important for the wellbeing of my career.

Reflection of My Path to Postgraduate in Law

I experienced difficulties during my effort to pursuing law at a postgraduate level just like everybody else. However, the challenges are just part of the learning process. These challenges ranged from simpler glitches to more complicated low productivity and severe lack of motivation. However, to overcome them, I had to exercise a high level of will power and uphold a positive attitude at all times. Below are some of the challenges that I encountered during my journey to postgraduate in law.

Endless Distractions

Pursuing an undergraduate degree during the modern era is complicated. Students are accorded more free time and distractions are not just ending. Therefore, many external stimuli can easily distract a student from achieving their goal. I found that social media very distractive. Before enrolling to my undergraduate law degree, I used to be a social media addict. I registered to virtually all the social media platforms that were available. I remember, spending almost all day and nearly all nights communicating and connecting with friends through social media. Therefore, after enrolling to an undergraduate degree in law, I found it very difficult to stop the behavior. At some point, I could not find time to concentrate while in lecture halls or even find time to conduct my studies.

I remember during my first semester of year one, I register abysmal grades to the point that the university academic officials summoned me. It means that social media nearly jeopardized my dreams of becoming a lawyer. The good news is that I managed to overcome this potential dream killer. I had to make a decision, and the decision itself was about what was important in my life both short term and long term basis. Moreover, I reevaluated myself and decided to make a stop to being addicted to social media. The decision requires not only strong will but also sacrifice. Furthermore, I also exercised a high degree of maturity in deciding what is right for my future and what was not. Apart from social media other sources of distractions that I managed to overcome using the similar method include video games. Moreover, television.

Extremely Low Motivations

Despite falling in love and becoming passionate with law, I did not know what it takes to be a lawyer. At times, I could be bored reading large volumes of books, attending long and endless lectures, and doing numerous assignment. Sometimes, I could not withstand all these, especially during my first year. My perception of pursuing an undergraduate degree was different from what I was experiencing at that time. My initial perception was that I was to enjoy my time in the university with moderate reading, moderate learning, and moderate assignments. At a point, I could not find time to interact with my friends or watch my favorite television shows that I was accustomed.

Therefore, I became very demotivated, and my passion and love for law nearly died. However, I managed to overcome this challenge by confiding in my family members. I was very fortunate to have family members who had passed through the same experience. Therefore, I shared with them their experiences and how they managed to overcome them. Besides, they also offered some encouragements by making me remember how passionately I loved the law. Moreover, I also shared with my friends who were in their final years but were also studying law.

Difficulty in Mastering Concepts

Mastering of concepts and remembering of facts was also a challenge during my path of pursuing a postgraduate in law. It is worth noting that the law has much mastering of concepts and remembering ideas. Furthermore, it also involves reading large volumes of law books and sometimes attending courtrooms. Therefore, a point can reach when mastering all of these is a problem. I experienced the same thing. I could not master most of the concepts, and upon reading, I could not remember most of the ideas. It made me panic to the point that I questioned my intelligence. However, I overcome this obstacle by engaging in group studies with my classmates. Through these group studies, we could revise and discuss together, and we found learning very interesting. I realized that studying in a group was fun and made it easier to master concepts and remember initially difficult ideas.


Studying law is not as easy as most of the people might think because it has many challenges. However, it requires passion, hardworking, and resilience to manage it successfully. Like my case, the love and the passion coupled with the help of my family members helped me during my undergraduate study of low. Despite encountering obstacles of different magnitude, I managed to study law at undergraduate level successfully. Besides, my intention to study law at postgraduate level will help me in several ways: first, it will help me to acquire the much-needed research skills. Second, it will enable me to develop transferrable skills. Third, it will grant me the opportunity of becoming a specialist. Like in my case a commercial lawyer. Forth, it will enhance my employability prospects.

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