Essay Sample Aiming to Find Out What a Community Needs

Published: 2022-08-25
Essay Sample Aiming to Find Out What a Community Needs
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Every community has specific challenges that face the people that live in such a society. As expected, when challenges exist, a person or group of people must arise and determine to put an end to the issues. It takes courage and personal determination to stand in the gap and provide solutions to issues facing a large group of people, without expecting anything tangible in return, but the satisfaction that future generations will not pass through the struggles experienced by those that lived before them ((Richardson, 2016). A community needs people that are willing to stand up for the less fortunate and vulnerable individuals, by being a voice to them. Providing a voice to those that are down-trodden enables them to have positive hope that the future will be a good environment for them to live, without the fear or discrimination or rejection.

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A society comprises of people with different social groups and is governed by diverse cultural beliefs. Therefore, one way of doing things to one community might be strange to another. Mutual respect must exist in a society so that people can consider the others as their equals. The vice of superiority would not cloud the minds of people and affecting their judgment if they treated others with mutual respect. The video shows that intrinsic motivation is one of the driving forces that encourage people to engage in activities that derive them satisfaction. For instance, in the video, singing comes out as a way to express feelings. Every person must find areas that derive them with satisfaction so that they can follow their passion. A passion enables a person to start an activity that derives pleasure, without worrying about whether others approve of their actions. It is normal to face negativity and rejection from people, but the main motivation one should maintain is that they are engaging in an activity that derives them pleasure, as opposed to making others happy.

One of the articles that motivate me is by Dr. Elaine Richardson, in Amplifying Voices of III Repute through 'Songs for the Struggle.' The author stated that she feels motivated when she writes and composes songs, books, or even teaches content that addresses people that have often been neglected from the societal perception. Some of her targets include black women who are often discriminated based on their skin color, the single mothers who are blamed by the society for getting illegitimate children, and other minority groups (Richardson, 2016). She affirms that her motivation is secure and stable, and irrespective of what others think about her work, she will continue doing what she loves. Recognizing that single mothers are unsung heroes puts her on the spotlight as she highlights the struggle some mothers experience as they balance being a parent to children, and having to work so that she can provide for her offspring. Elaine recognized that she is privileged to have a caring family that surrounds her, as she understands that street families exist and they has no meaningful place they can call their home. Domestic violence is also rampant in society, and women are afraid of talking about it since they fear being ridiculed or stigmatized by others who may accept it as a normal activity.

Surviving in an industry that has many talented people requires an individual to remain focused on the personal goals they had set at the beginning (Richardson, 2016). Elaine stated that she attracted the attention of the public by discussing issues taking place in the society. For instance, she talked about drug and substance abuse. An issue that has continued to affect young people in the world. She stated that breaking the cycle of drug abuse required an individual to make a personal decision to refrain from taking substances and living clean. Making a decision and remaining committed to the calling requires discipline.

One of my personal experiences that pushed me to stay committed to the goals I had in my life was when I joined college and was unable to make friends within the first semester. I found it challenging as I had no close friend to share the experiences of living in a new environment. I resolved to join one of the clubs in college that takes care of the environment. Even though it was tough at the beginning to understand the true calling of the nature club, I came to appreciate that the quality of life we live is directly affected by the surroundings, and we had to take care of it so that future generations could have the opportunity to experience the feelings we have as we live in an area surrounded by flora and fauna. I started creating awareness among my family members and they found it strange, but with time, they understood my argument on the need to take care of the environment. I have since made friends from the club and in class, where I continue to advocate for better environmental treatment and preservation. I find pleasure and enjoy what I do, and would like to pass the message to the largest number of people before I leave school.


Richardson, E. (2016). Amplifying Voices of III Repute through 'Songs for the Struggle.'. Retrieved October 18, 2018.

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