Essay Example on Film to Musicals: Cinderella

Published: 2023-01-23
Essay Example on Film to Musicals: Cinderella
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When it comes to films to musicals, there has been almost as much failure as there has been a success in the entertainment industry. The film to musicals have always been a good way to spice up a film and give it more life. Nonetheless, it is often a hard task and should be executed with a lot of wit. This paper, therefore, seeks to explore the film Cinderella in a bid to turn it into a musical.

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First and foremost, Cinderella was first produced as an animation in 1950 by the Walt Disney Pictures. Later, it was redone in the form of a movie and featured Brandy as the main character who had one evil stepmother and three cruel stepsisters. She lives a miserable life until her fairy God Mother (Whitney Huston) changes her life for one unforgettable night.

For the most part, the Cinderella story is a sad one and presents the miserable life of a girl who ought to have been taken care of by her stepmother and stepsisters. Instead, she is turned into a housekeeper and is forced to do all the chores. In this case, the score of a musical Cinderella story would be filled up with sad and sympathizing songs that would help the viewer feel empathetic. On the other hand, for the few moments where Cinderella is filled with much joy, it would be wise to incorporate a jovial and happy mood that would solicit happy emotions for the viewer (Boltz, 2004).

Song Titles

Ideally, some of the songs that would be incorporated in the sad scenes where Cinderella (Brandy) has a broom and is nostalgic upon her previous better life include; Let Go by Beau Young Prince. In this song, Prince asks from who his help will come from. He depicts a scenario where misery and hard life are the norm of life for a person who is constantly seeking peace and a better life. Additionally, shallow by lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper would be a perfect song for this scene. The song seeks to find answers on whether one is happy in this modern and complicated world.

Where'd you Go by Skyler and Front Minor would be a perfect fit for the scene after the ball when Cinderella turns back to her normal ragged outfits with no shoes and begins running back home leaving her prince charming behind. This would solicit sad emotions where the viewer will be compelled to wish that she could go back and be with him.

Additionally, Vanilla Twilight by Owl City would be appropriate as it would bring to light the feelings of love and attraction. If my Heart were a House by Owl City would help Cinderella reminisce on the moments she shared with the prince. This would bring a strong association between the feelings of both the viewer and the main character.


Well, crafted choreography would bring in the aspect of reality (Boltz, 2004). Additionally, it would make the film more interesting. There would be slow, moderate, and intense dance movements all across the film. Slow movements would be most appropriate when Cinderella is reminiscing on both her past and present life, as well as the time she begins to head home after her time at the ballroom is up. Rapid and fast movements would be incorporated at the ballroom during the musical plays to bring in the party mood.


In conclusion, Cinderella would form a perfect film to musical as it has an interesting and well-defined storyline. Musicality would also bring in a better connection between the scenes and the emotional attachment of the viewers


Boltz, M. G. (2004). The cognitive processing of film and musical soundtracks. Memory & Cognition, 32(7), 1194-1205.

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