Essay Example on Film Studies: Spartacus

Published: 2023-01-24
Essay Example on Film Studies: Spartacus
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Spartacus is an epical movie that derives its name from the main character, Kirk Douglas. As such, this movie, on many occasions, focuses on Spartacus as the main character. In this movie we notice that Spartacus isn't mainly open, not in divergence to the classy Crassus (Olivier Laurence), the deceitful flea of a battler circle (ring) worker showed by Ustinov and his flexibility & elusive slaved damsel exemplified by Varinia (Simmons). Then again Spartacus flourishes very well in offering an impress of a guy who's enthusiastic in the intimate. Curtis, as Italian slavery, Antonius, who works as a house help in the house of Crassus afore fleeing to be with Spartacus, provides an attractively sensible enactment. Gracchus ( Charles Laughton) is wonderfully devious but outsmarted by Crassus in a coup to attain governorship of Rome via the support of Julius Caesar. The latter is played by John Gavin tolerably. But, in this study, my focus lies to only three characters Spartacus, Crassus, and Varinia of which their characterization is discussed further below.

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Kirk Douglas is an honored and intellectual guy who is acquitted to battle as a warrior for his awkward behaviors. When taught and grasping that the existence of a warrior wasn't fit for him, he spurts his abductors and flinches revolt with other slaves. Ambitious and committed, he tossed what would be approved later as the Third Subservient War. After that, He runs to Italy for refuge.


Lawrence Oliver (Crassus) the opposition of the story. He's a harsh, power ravening and cruel Roman congressman. Even though already opulent and influential, he has not had the chance to cabinet his marvelous desires until he is granted an opportunity to subdue the revolt led by Kirk Douglass.


Spartacus starts a relation with Varinia. The ongoing started when Varinia was frequently sent to entertain Spartacus in his cell, but Spartacus refuses to have sex with her.

Reasons for the Above Classification of the Characters

The characters above are classified with specific references to the movie. Care is taken to how these resolutions obstructed characterization. Again the impact of accurate or stylized pictures within the movie is considered. The aim why I categorized the artistes in the categories is because there are scenes in the film where you can see the three actors portray their different stylishness of acting.

Character Flexibility

Focusing on one artist discussed above, I am basing on other movies the artist has been involved. This actor is not always in the same class, thus showing a lot about the set and artist. About the flexibility of these categories, I provide proof of references from other movies, including film links that support my dispute.

One artist that is discussed is Kirk Douglas, who has played very different roles in different types of film from serious to comedic. Like in his movie "The Viking" he's called 'Einar' who is a cynical killer, Spartacus, (Kirk Douglas) has won many awards, Awards Of Academy in the best presentation of the leading role and Golden Globes as the best performance. This achievement is evidence of a very talented artist.

Conclusion and Future Study

I take Crassus to be the wild because she is capable of adapting to any role. He's a very varied actor. However, I considered Spartacus as the polyglot because he can place his own set of features on any act that he may be put to play. Nevertheless, I characterized Varinia as a temperament actor because of the amount of persona he can place into any film she plays in. As every genre of films develops more rampant in entities' subsists, it is vital to observe the effect of all styles of shooting on online and offline affiliation establishment, upkeep, and even dissolution of odd characteristics.


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