Essay Example on Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Versus Private

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Example on Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Versus Private
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Healthcare is very costly, especially in such economic times we are living. Thus only a few among the richest can comfortably incur the cost of treating fatal illnesses that may creep in an unpredictable future. That said, insurance cover, either employer-sponsored or private, should be a fundamental need for everyone to ensure sustained and equal healthcare to all. An individual health cover is an act of people to pay for their health covers individually while the employer-sponsored cover is that which the employer pays premiums for the employees (Henry 2002). The paper will focus on the differences between the employer-sponsored health cover plan and the private cover plans and highlight their pros and cons.

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Focusing on cost, employer-sponsored health cover is much cheaper as compared to the private cover plan. The premium is split between the employer and employee, but the individual solely pays the single sheet. The premiums for the two differ profoundly, ESI approximated cost is $6896 while for the private is $7452 per year ("Kaiser Family Foundation 2018)

Under ESI, the employee has no freedom to choose the preferable medical provide while under the single cover, one can select the medical provider thus one is prone to access better medical services and get satisfaction (Mark, Harrison, Bradley 1999). On pre-existing chronic conditions, one can gain coverage for preexisting conditions of the employee or family member under the ESI. Thus it is not possible under private insurance cover. Portability of the cover is also one of the significant challenges under ESI, under the condition one ceases employment, then the cover stops.Unlike individual sheets that are continuous despite if you are in work or not (Mark et al., 1999).


From the discussion above, it is evident ESI is more consumer efficient. Thus, unless someone has no access to the employer-sponsored cover, then he/she can always subscribe for the exceptional protection.


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