Essay Example Describing the First Experience: The Maldives Visiting

Published: 2022-09-19
Essay Example Describing the First Experience: The Maldives Visiting
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I am an adventurous person. I love the experience that accompanies visiting new places including trying out new dishes and making friends. In my bucket list was travelling to the Maldives. I had read a lot about the coral islands and the magical beaches, and I needed to experience these. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life as will be documented herein.

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The balmy night air caressed me on the night that I arrived in the Maldives. I had to lose some pieces of clothing as I waited to be taken to my hotel where I had a peaceful night's sleep. My hotel was close to Hulhumale' Beach which is situated on Rasdhoo Island. I woke up to a spectacular jewel blue ocean. The sun's rays filtered in through my windows and I immediately drew the blinds to see a bright ball that was yellow as a lollipop on the horizon. A cool refreshing breeze swept across the room and rustled the leaves of nearby palm trees, and I could see the waves of the sea rippling gently. I freshened up and took some breakfast before stepping out into the sandy beach.

The otherwise silky sky was spotted with wizard white tufts of the clouds. So gentle was the breeze that morning that the sea song of the waves was barely audible. I felt immediately relaxed and glad to be away from the hurly-burly city life. As I walked along the shores, I decided it was unwise not to lose my sandals. As my feet sank into the moist sand, there was a tickly sensation. I allowed the cubes to hug and caress my tired soles; it felt like butter spread on toast. I took a long walk before desiring a dip in the now warm waters. If I could swim all the way, I could reach the horizon that was hemmed in sardine silver. I relaxed my body in the pulsing ocean and let the cascading waves wash me onto the shore and then roll me back into the deep water as they uncoiled like a vellum parchment. Once inside, it was impossible to miss the neatly lined palm trees that beautified the beach. I savored the picture-perfect beauty around me for before swimming back to the shore.

The air was filled with the pelagic smell of the salty waves as well as carnival aromas, and I realized that I was famished. I went to the Seaside Grill where I satiated my hunger with shredded smoked fish which melted in my mouth like butter and washed it down with ice-cold mango juice. The air was filled with the shrieks of excited children who were awed by the sight of windsurfers. Animated customers bustled in and out of beach shops from whence they bought ridiculously huge hats and colorful swim-suits. On my way back to the hotel I collected some tiny white shells by the beach. By this time the sea looked dozy as it softly doused the beach.

My hotel had set up a bonfire by the seashore. There, I met a group of other tourists with whom we made merry as we witnessed the changing colors in the evening sky. It was a little chilly, and I wrapped myself up in a blanket. Soon, I felt the last rays of the sun warming up my face, and a gentle breeze worked to cool me up. Soft soul music played from a stereo system; it was so soothing that I almost dozed off. One of us excitedly pointed to the yellow ball of fire that was slowly changing to hues of orange and later tangerine.

The clouds became cotton candy and they seemed to blush at the warm caress from the sun. Silhouettes of birds gracefully flew home across the magenta sky and we all watched silently the sun merged with the sky. The sun halfway in the water and the other half reflected on the sea such that it appeared complete. In a few minutes, the mauve of the sky intensified, and the sun set and ushered in a thousand stars. Like a man in a trance, I walked to the shore to take in the serenity and beauty of what I had witnessed knowing too well that I would live to remember, and desire to relive, that spellbinding experience.

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