Essay Example on Cars Should Not Be Banned From the City Centers

Published: 2022-12-26
Essay Example on Cars Should Not Be Banned From the City Centers
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I know some of the city council officials from various states have begun to ban cars out of the city centers, with claims that all the citizens will benefit from it. For example, Sark in the United Kingdom, Venice in Italy, Hydra in Greece, Giethoorn in the Netherlands to list a few (Nieuwenhuijsen & Khreis, 2016). I think cars should not be legally prohibited from city centers. I agree cars can cause pollution to the environment as people inside the parked cars in the parking lots tend to litter their surroundings, they also give off tire and produce emissions which destroys the quality of the local air, and also vehicles dominate our environments that is, the background noises from traffic (Buchanan, 2015). All these do not mean those who try and use cars remarkably should also be banned from driving them in the city centers just because a few of them are not doing what is right. In this essay, I support that cars should not be banned from city centers.

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Today, cars are essential and useful in human lives as they provide comfort and have also reduced the time spent in traveling. Banning cars from the city areas would negatively affect the overall economy; this is because automobile industries have contributed significantly to the economy by providing employment opportunities to the youths who have majored in different disciplines. In any case, the cars are banned from the city center; their production will drop as people will not see the sense of purchasing what they are restricted from using. The results will be closing of various car manufacturing firms, which will further cause unemployment.

Most of the buses that are used for public transportation are always stuffy and smells so bad. There are sick people in the society who may not be able to use public transport due to their conditions, and this includes individuals with long term illnesses or cancers who may be avoiding germs, which can easily be obtained from crowded areas such as buses. Some buses might also luck seatbelts making it unsafe to use them. Banning cars from the city areas is like denying people the full liberty to use what belongs to them which is so wrong.

Cars should be allowed to get into the city areas to ensure that the parking areas that were established for them do not go out of business. There is a possibility of the car parks going out of business if there will be no cars to be parked in them. In case an accident occurs and people are using public transports, many individuals will be injured as compared to when they are using their means of transport. Also, trains and buses are not very flexible, they cannot take people to their exact destinations, and they consume a lot of time to reach where one wants to go.

Besides, most people live and work within the city as compared to the number of employees in the countryside; thus, the government should look for ways of solving the problems associated with cars getting into the city rather than banning them. The solutions include building a multi-story building where cars will be parking to help reduce traffic jams in the city center. It is effective as most cars go around the city in such a parking space thus creating traffic. The government should also ensure that the fuel being supplied for cars is clean; this is to help solve the pollution problem (Harish, 2012). If it comes to worse, the city councils can divide cars into groups depending on their number plates, and they can use that to enter the city center.


In conclusion, it is not necessary to ban cars from the city center areas, the reason being that the city areas were built with the aim that the primary means of transport will be cars. Instead the government or the concerned officials should offer training services to people on how to use the intended cars. It is advantageous to even the next generation as they can learn even how to spread bicycles in hectic regions.


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