Free Essay with a Discussion on Artificial Intelligence

Published: 2022-09-28
Free Essay with a Discussion on Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial intelligence is when a computer can imitate the knowledge or skills of a human. The five most common kind of AI can do various things such as mimic natural selection or even simulate the real world. They can all help with making decisions when it comes to business, for example, the intelligent agents can be used by a company to help its users see whether they genuinely have low prices on items the customer wants or neural networks can help determine what products a customer may like based on the previous history.

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Artificial intelligence has various systems which are used to govern its operations. Some of its systems include; neural networks which are also referred to as artificial neural networks are used to mimic how the human brain works. They are used to estimate patterns when there is a large amount of data the rules are unknown. An example of neural networks is that credit card companies use them to check for fraud. There is also the use of fuzzy logic which is a form of logic which deals with reasoning and neural networks, so it is easy to simplify a complicated concept. Genetic algorithms mimic the process of natural selection. They are best used in decision-making environments when there are many solutions possible and can find those solutions remarkably faster than a human would. An example of generic algorithms would be to help investment companies use them to assist them in deciding which trading decisions to make.

They are other real-life examples of artificial intelligence. One is email filters. Email is one of the common forms of communication widely used in today's generation. AI helps to filter spam messages. It filters spam messages although it is not entirely successful because spammers keep changing their tactics. Gmail filters about 99% of the spam messages (Narula, 2018).

AI has both negative and positive impacts on society. My perception of AI is the changes effected to the workplace. Artificial intelligence technology introduction to the workplace has been meeting with a lot of back and forth when it comes to its significance, and effect to the current workforce. Though AI introduction to the workforce bares a lot of relevance when it comes to the advantages, it also brings the aspect of unemployment. Over the years a substantial number of people have been reported to have lost their jobs due to the introduction of AI in their companies. It's this type of press that creates fear for its implementation. In connection, bringing a lot of concern when it comes to the advancement of this technology. However, this should not lock users from seeing the significance and improvement AI have brought to the businesses (Christiansen, 2017). Artificial intelligence is not replacing human resource in the workplace but advancing it to yield proper a more satisfying end product (Wilson & Daugherty, 2018).

It is transforming business making them adapt to the changes in the market. Giving a proper understanding of data that was not well understood to maximize profit, as an added advantage. The best example will be the introduction of the digital assistant SAP CoPilot (Wilson & Daugherty, 2018). This application is a virtual personal assistant that is strictly subjected to the business allowing one to purchase contracts and collaborate with collogues. Giving credible information that has been adequately analyzed and sorted to customer satisfaction to maximize the advancement of the business profitability. Old businesses which have not adjusted to the small transformation which companies at the moment are experiencing will complain of loses but is due to their ignorance.

Wisdom is principles of knowledge that a person develops with time due to his or her own experiences or those of others. Wisdom helps an individual to make better choices and be of sound judgment.


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