Essay Example on an Ideal Classroom in an Ideal School

Published: 2023-01-05
Essay Example on an Ideal Classroom in an Ideal School
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The typical classroom focuses on the students thus making the teacher to become the facilitator of the learning process basing on the abilities and interests of learners. The teacher provides learners with the authentic learning opportunities thus engaging them in the study process. The students and teachers use the available resources in the classrooms efficiently and quickly thus producing excellent results. Students in the ideal schools and classes are made comfortable thus tend to forget the issues at home. The learners and the teachers follow particular procedures which make them achieve the set goals and objectives. Teacher in the typical classrooms treats their students in an appropriate manner which increases their motivation for learning. The learners acquire relevant knowledge and skills from their teachers and resources used in the process of learning (Kangas, 2010, p 205-223; Toven-Lindsey, Rhoads and Lozano, 2015, p1-12). The teachers appropriately address their learners and also allow societal members and parents to participate in their lessons and daily activities. Therefore, this paper will focus on the way a typical classroom leads to an ideal school through motivated students who utilize the unlimited resources and support.

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According to Lewis and Burman (2008, p 153), the typical classrooms allow the teachers who are in the schools to expose the learners to diverse strategies which promote different learning styles to be utilized continuously. In the ideal schools where resources are appropriately used, respects are among fundamental values where everybody respects other person's feelings and thoughts. The teacher and learners might disagree with one another, but they listen and respect others opinions without making judgments and conclusions (Ertmer, Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Sadik, Sendurur and Sendurur, 2012, p 423-435; Kangas, 2010, p 205-223). Therefore, teachers in the typical classrooms acquire appropriate data from different sources thus painting a proper portrait of the student's needs. The typical classes is the core factor which makes the school be ideal and have resources which motivate the students to learn and achieve their set goals and objectives.


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