Free Essay - Civility at Workplace

Published: 2023-01-20
Free Essay - Civility at Workplace
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Civility is defined as the act by an individual of showing regard for others through being polite, forgiving, and many other practices. At the workplace, civility can be defined as those behaviors which help in the preservation of the norms for mutual respect in the workplace (Stoddard, 2017). Incivility, on the other hand, is the direct opposite of civility, which is having uncivil behaviors in the workplace. Incivility acts as the silent killer of workplace productivity, workplace health, as well as workplace happiness. Research shows that most employees feel disrespected at work some complain of a toxic culture at the workplace comprising of insensitive managers. Some are treated disrespectfully based on religion, gender, or even race. Others receive messages and emails that are rude and stinging at the workplace (Schilpzand, De Pater, & Erez, 2016).

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Most employees lose their jobs due to worries concerning a specific uncivil incident, others lose their jobs in an effort of trying to avoid the offender in the workplace. Incivility has the capability of depleting the immune system, thereby causing ulcers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes as well as cancer. Research also shows that working in an environment where incivility is present may affect the mental health of employees despite accounting for incivility as well as general stress that an individual has experienced before (Schilpzand, De Pater, & Erez, 2016). In such environments, one does not need to be an employee or the target population that is ripped publicly to be affected negatively.

One may get pulled off track trying to think of the incident, how he/she should respond or whether he/she is on the right track. Despite all these effects those individuals who experience incivility still leave their jobs, and a significant number of those individuals who leave does not report that it was as a result of incivility that they left their job position. Those individuals who witness or even experience incivility is never able to perform in a better way despite all the efforts they may put, and these reduce their productivity as well as the organization's productivity.

Leaders opt to set a path by which all the employees will follow; hence, they should act as role models to end incivility in organizations. They have to come up with strategies that will help wipe out toxic people from the organizations. Leaders should make civility part of their respective organizations' mission statements, and finally, leaders need to play the most significant role in correcting bad behaviors within the organization swiftly (Stoddard, (2017).


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