Are Vampires for Real? Our Essay Example Answers

Published: 2022-06-09
Are Vampires for Real? Our Essay Example Answers
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In many instances, a belief about the existence of something usually comes to light when proven. Many movies portray vampires, their characters and the issues that they raise to humans in the world. Lately, in an interview with Victoria Vannatter, who is a 19-year-old Missouri teenager allegedly confessed that she usually cuts herself regularly to drink her blood. There was also another case where a pedophile vampire enjoyed sex with a 14-year old girl in a particular Catholic Church, sipped her blood (Brittany & Pumberton, 2017). Another pedophile Jonathan Davis was reported to twist a young girl's wrist and later licked her blood in some deranged games. Also, the man frequently shared photographs of himself with knives and swords covered with blood on social media.

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Many cases tend to show that indeed, vampires exist. For instance, Tracey Wigginton and another woman were jailed for 23 years for their brutal murder of a particular man in Queensland in Australia. Tracey was later termed as the lesbian vampire killer. Tracey and other women lured another man into a car and then stabbed him 27 times drunk his blood and let him die (Brittany & Pumberton, 2017). However, the idea of being a vampire is challenged since when she finished her prison service she came out clean and she was remorseful for all her crimes. It is now clear that vampires exist, but the character can be made to seize living in an individual. The reason is that the woman said that she started drinking blood when she was 12, and slowly she began to develop vampire-like characters when she started lightening her skin with talcum powder.

From such definition and description of the woman, it is clear that vampire characteristics are made to feature into a human when initiated. The woman started her vampire characteristics when she was 12 years old. She used to make her skin light by the use of talcum powder to be able to look like the vampires that are usually portrayed in movies and folklore (Brittany & Pumberton, 2017). The woman drunk the blood of her boyfriend but later admitted that even though she behaved as if she liked it, she did not like it at all.

There are various types of vampires. Research says that Sanguinarian vampires take blood while Psychic vampires consume blood with the belief that they take in the subtle energy which they mostly term as life force from the living creatures. They are hybrid vampires as they engage in absolutely all types of feeding. Folklore portrays vampire as undead beings which tend to feast on the innocent people's blood (Christina, 2018). However, from the incidents outlined as examples of human vampires, it is clear that vampire character is built in an individual. According to the confession of the Victorian Woman, it is clear that the woman forced herself to act like a vampire as she was not enjoying drinking the blood of his boyfriend. Additionally, after the jail term, she came out remorseful and outlined that she was not going to be feeding on blood anymore.

With that perspective in mind, I can conclude that human vampires are not real, but it is the character that the perpetrators build in their lives. All the above incidents show that monsters are not real but rather the vampire character is developed when an individual intends to create the style that is against the required human behavior.

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