Personal Experience Essay: Never Forget Your Childhood Dreams

Published: 2020-08-13
Personal Experience Essay: Never Forget Your Childhood Dreams
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Ever since I could remember, the written word has always been somewhat of a fascination to me. When I was younger, around four or five years of age, I had older sisters in high school. I remember looking at their big books and trying to imagine knowing how to read those words. Even then I knew those words held a wealth of knowledge. As time passed, although I struggled a bit in school, reading was one of my favorite subjects because as a shy and economically deprived student reading took me places I could not physically travel to. And I learned I could experience a world of adventures. I remember learning to read in the age of sound it out. Whenever I would ask my Mom what a word was when I came upon new or difficult words she would always say sound it out. I would then break the words into syllables. I always had a love of written word.

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I became a great speller and a good reader to nine years. My words were always spelled appropriately and I always knew the correct pronunciation, though I never really mastered the proper punctuations in my writings. For all that I considered writing was never my forte, mostly because I hated my hand writing. In fact I was ashamed of my handwriting as all my family had excellent calligraphy and they goofed on me. This was the main reason for me to leave my ambition for writing behind.

As years past I casted my mind back. When I was eleven years of age I started writing little short stories imagining my life was different or better. I would write that our house was huge and my eleven siblings and I each had our own rooms, we went to a private school and my Dad was a nice, loving man. I would escape into these stories thinking one day I would publish them. But I was criticized and my stories had a lukewarm review. So I gave up on the idea of their publishing.

Although I did enjoy writing my little short stories, it did not improve my ability to write as an accomplished writer. As the years passed life became more and more tedious and there was no time to write and very little time to read. One day I found my stories and my childhood dream returned to life. Needless to say my writing has room for improvement. In my hectic and somewhat rigorous day to day life I find it hard to commit to writing, but now my preference would be short stories about love, adventure and happy endings that leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I have always had an interest in writing and I would love to get back into it and learn more about writing style to improve my abilities. I believe given the time and the opportunity I will one day be able to explore writing and actually have a passion for it. When you learn how to write properly it enhances your communication skills and therefore your abilities to connect with readers. Now I understand that my handwriting was not important, I always enjoyed the process of writing, did it orderly and just could not deal with criticism. I realize that I have lost time on the way toward my dream, but it is better late than never. Growing up from a little girl and having the school education I have created my foundation and became the person and student that I am now. It is time to build upon that foundation, develop my skills and increase my knowledge on different techniques and styles of writing to become successful.

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