Periods of Life. Essay Samples.

Published: 2018-02-06
Periods of Life. Essay Samples.
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Importance of knowledge

Having grown up in abject poverty in one of the most poverty-stricken parts of my Kenyan hometown, I found myself buried deep in the world of books as one way of passing time albeit to forget the problems at home. It is this interest that caught the attention of an English lady by the name Becky, who later became my guardian and taught me English and how i can succeed in life. Becky, an automotive engineer herself, introduced me to the world of magazines and books that covered prolific works of renowned engineers at the tender age of four. At first, as far as I can remember, I was only interested in the fancy pictures of cars. However, growing up, I have ended up being interested in the history and development of the technologies that have made different automobiles successful. This continuous interest in engineering material has in recent times led to my curiosity in computer technology and its increasing usefulness in several other emerging industries. This motivation has played a significant role in my quest for a bachelor's degree in Computer Technology in one of the leading local universities. Equally having my undivided attention are the fields of psychology and sociology. I have deliberately read over 200 books just to try and understand how the human mind thinks and works. These two subjects offer particularly intriguing insights because, in my line of work of computers and technology, understanding human needs and preferences is paramount to establishing consumer habits and trends with respect to the manner in which the two interact with each other. This challenges me to read further and therefore empowering me with knowledge so as to find possible reasons behind particular actions of human beings and believe I will be successful. I can then keep formulating solutions to these problems through the application of social psychological concepts in the use of disruptive technology. Having immense interest in engineering, psychology and sociology does not blind me from reading other material in non-related fields. I also peruse my local newspapers daily for the latest political scoop as well combing the Internet for the latest international news and trends. Perhaps at this point I should note that I am a big fan of success. It should, therefore, not be a surprise to find me spending about half an hour a day reading articles on sites relevant to successful people around the world.

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Best times of my life

Roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are so sweet. I usually recall the times I was in the elementary classes where I used to think that I would just be educated, finish school, get a job, marry and have children to live forever with. Immediately I stepped out of secondary school I was first exposed to working in a construction since I had stayed home for long waiting to join college. This times became harder since I had to wake up very early to reach the site before they close the gates since if the gates would be closed there is no way one would be able to gain access till the next day. All this was over and I had saved money to use in college. As I joined college a few months later, I was fully loaded to start the semester. Everybody used to point at me as the beachboy since I had some good cash never knowing that it was the money I had saved from the construction site where I used to work as a turnboy. I would party every weekend with my friends who were also my classmates in secondary school. Life was all good, I bought a big phone that none had it in class, people nicknamed me several names that mostly referred to my modes of operation which many of my friends yearned to live. I started running minor businesses in the school which finally made me a young and wealthy student without boundaries. I began to pay rent and buy food for myself without any parental support. College life became one of the favorite period in my life.

Perfect season

My favorite period of time is winter. I like winter because of the bond and the fun we have together with family. Winter time is Christmas time, the more reason it brings lots of fun. This is great time that we spend time together as a family. It is the time that I look forward to meeting all the aunties, cousins, and uncles. Christmas is a holiday that just brings the best out of people. I have good memories of Christmas times that I have had, coming out as if they were just yesterday.With people in relaxed moods, we are able to have fun together. I also like winter because of the hunting activity that we undertake during these times. Although the weather is cold, there is enough clothing to fight the cold weather. It is during winter that the elk, or whitetail deer will come alive. It is one of the thrilling events, seeing how nature operates. It is just amazing to see that at a time when humans would spend time indoors is the time for the wildlife to come out to the world. It is the time that we see lots of movement for the wildlife. It is during this period that humans become part of nature's cycle.It is during winter that hunters make use of their rifles, albeit for a short period. This event increases the chances of hunting big game. The smell and the excitement that come with hunting cannot be explained until one can have this experience.

Happy childhood

Everyone has got his or her most cherished moments in life. They form the majority of the nostalgic moods when one is alone in a quiet place. Personally, I cherish a lot all the moments of my childhood. The memories keep crisscrossing my mind because they formed the cognitive platform for development of the person I am today. Most importantly, I was very playful. It was an exquisite opportunity in my lifetime because I was able to learn the fluent language and also develop magnificent communication skills. I used to interact with kids from different religious and tribal backgrounds. It is also at this point that I realized that we are not of the same social class. There are families that are wealthy enough to service all their bills in time and the kids are bought anything they require. On the other hand, there are several families that live on hand to mouth. My childhood moments affirmed to me that filial love is the most important item that a human being needs for psychological satisfaction and development. I remember my father bringing me snacks every time he was from work. It is easy to perceive that a grown up kid who was brought up in the care of polite hands will definitely extend the shows of gratitude, humility and friendliness. In a summary, I find that one’s childhood moments is a great determinant of his or her future life.

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