Free Essay Sample on Environmental Campaign

Published: 2019-10-04
Free Essay Sample on Environmental Campaign
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Environmental campaigns have become common in the society today due to the environmental problems that the society is encountering. Environmental concerns range from water pollution to the industrial air pollution that has had negative effects to the earths hydrological cycle (Maroto-Valer, Song & Soong, 2012). Because of these environmental problems, a number of organization have come up to help sensitize the society members about the need to conserve the environment. I volunteered in a local environmental campaign held by one of the environmental conservation advocate groups in my locality and took a day together with them. The main theme of the campaign was to encourage plantation of trees in the region to help alleviate the luck of rain in the region in future. The campaign therefore was geared towards sensitizing the public about the importance of planting trees and seizing from cutting down trees when they are very young. This paper explores some challenges that the campaign faces.

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Even though the campaign was considered to be successful success by the end of the day, certain problems were clear with the campaign. One of the main problems was the luck of proper ways of knowledge cultivation among the organizers of the campaign. Even though the main aim of the campaign was to inform the public of the importance of tree planting, it was evident that the members of the group conducting the campaign did were not well aware of the concrete importance of planting trees and having vegetative ground cover. As such, their appeals to the public seamed extremely shallow and as a result, many people did not take the campaign seriously despite showing great interest in the theme of the campaign.

The campaign also faced the problem of luck of solidarity dialogue in their push for environmental conservation. It was clear that the campaign somehow contradicted the way of life of the public and as such, there was clear luck of solidarity dialogue and direction with regard to conservation of trees. The main problem was seen in the contradiction with the fact that the majority of the public members cut down trees for timber which is an important commodity for construction of residential homes in this particular society. Therefore, the campaign that urged them to refrain from cutting down trees was seen as misguided and was therefore not received very well by the public. Also among the members conducting the campaign, there was clear disagreement in certain aspects regarding the issues the surrounded environmental conservation.

Double politics also affected the campaign where there were people who supported the campaign on grounds that some of the forest had to be preserved so as to help in the maintenance of the air in the region as well as support the rain but there are those who thought that it would be better for the forests to be cleared for developmental projects such as industrial setup so as to improve the economic wellbeing of the people in the area. This double politics showed clearly that there was contradiction that surrounded the campaign even though each person seemed to be advocating for the environmental conservation.

In conclusion, the local environmental campaign faces a lot of hitches in my local community because of the luck of solidarity in environmental dialogue and also the luck of clear understanding of the fundamental details of the significance of the theme of the campaign to the community. It will therefore need extra effort in trying to get the full support for the campaign. This is because for any environmental campaign or initiative to succeed, the targeted group must be in full agreement with the theme of the campaign (Fielding, McDonald & Louis, 2008).


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