Free Essay on the Statement: Reality Is Merely an Illusion, Albeit a Very Persistent One

Published: 2019-10-07 21:23:01
Free Essay on the Statement: Reality Is Merely an Illusion, Albeit a Very Persistent One
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My life conception does not differ that much from this statement. I think we all live in our own realities. Sometimes they are very different, and thus, we cannot stand each other. Sometimes, our realities are similar and we become friends and call each other soulmates.

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Still, the fact is we all have our own perception of the world. Many factors and events influence our life position. Very often, we change it as our environment changes. People who surround us influence our mind and body even more than we suppose. In my opinion, sometimes little details can become the triggers of our transformation.

My personal understanding of the world always interested me more than anything else. I noticed my peers were always interested in something material, something that disappeared as quickly as it appeared. However, I was always eager to see how much my surroundings could change me.

However, the challenges throughout my whole life happened to be my accelerators and indicators of my understanding of the world. First challenge that I accepted was move to a new place. When I was little, my parents decided to move to another city because of many reasons they did not explain to me. I was so frustrated and sad that I did not talk to them for a whole week. Now, as I realize this event and its influence on me, I understand it made me rediscover this world. Many weird things happen in childs mind, and mine was not an exception. So I used to think monsters and mean people would hurt me in the new city. I was afraid to meet with new classmates, I was afraid of my new school and my new house. In general, all of us are afraid of the unknown, so imagine how many mountains a child can make out of molehills. Anyway, sometime later, I got used to my new life and became stronger. I made new friends and realized the world is not full of evil monsters.

Another huge step for me was getting a pet dog. Before I never really understood the concept of responsibility. I was so irritated when my parents told me about it, I hated when teachers and adults in general reminded me about my responsibility all the time. It seemed to be so unnecessary and meaningless to accept this fact. Nevertheless, my perception of the world changed after I adopted a stray puppy. In some way, I think we are soulmates.. I accept the fact that I am fully responsible for her now. Moreover, if anything happens because of her or with her, that will be my fault. My dog taught me to love this world unconditionally; she has shown me the kindness and loyalty. I became very open with people afterwards. Thus, now I can declare world is definitely a good place to live.

What is the point in considering our world a bad place to live? Of course, it does not cancel the fact that some people are cruel, mean, and sometimes evil. I agree, they declare wars, destroy nature and neglect moral principles. Yet, should it mean we live on the worst planet in the galaxy?

Scientists, doctors, psychologists and writers have proved that bad thoughts provoke depression, mental disorders and diseases. Henceforth, we choose whom to become happy, generous and kind or depressed, cynic and indifferent.

I do believe our perception of the world is hidden in our childhood and in our past. We evaluate it as we experience our personal mind evolution. Therefore, my recipe is staying always positive. In order to be happy we should understand ourselves first our understanding and perception of the reality depends on our inner balance and harmony. Having achieved it once, we are no longer the slaves of difficulties, sorrows and problems. We only have problems when we start call them problems. Until then, we face with challenges. So my way of doing it is pretty simple: transform walls into doors, accept your past and forgive yourself, enjoy your childhood memories, appreciate our Mother Nature, love people, do not let them hurt you and yet, keep faith in them, value your friends and family.

The better we realize the peoples intentions, the sweeter our life is, actually. I enjoy observing others everywhere in the streets, parks, stations. Moreover, I sincerely and truly try to understand how their minds work whenever I communicate. They say, if you know information, if you possess it, that means you are armed and ready to fight. I am not saying we are at war. But the fact we know how the minds of others work, gives us mutual understanding and thus, harmony and balance in relationships with each other. Therefore, this balance brings peace to our hearts and souls. We are more likely to achieve great goals and success, build a healthy family and be happy.

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