Engineering and Administrative Controls - Essay Example

Published: 2024-01-03
Engineering and Administrative Controls - Essay Example
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Engineering controls are the physical changes done to a place so that the workers are not exposed to the harm that is caused by their working conditions. A perfect scenario of where the latter is used is when offices located at an industrial site are fitted with soundproof walls. The depicted measure would undoubtedly reduce the risk of the excess noise harming the workers that would have been in such a vicinity. Other engineering controls would have been scenarios where air conditioners would have been installed where the workers were suffering from inadequate ventilation.

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Administrative controls, on the other hand, would be classified as changes that would not need the physical appeal or touch to them. The latter controls would involve cases that would eventually place the worker in a better place avoiding any hazard that would be posed whenever the worker deals with the work at hand (Morris & Cannady, 2019). Administrative controls would also mean that the workers' schedule could face some changes so the employees of an organization would not be in the way of any harm. In a healthcare setup, there would be for instance an introduction of a sort of barcode to establish the healthcare workers and patients in the administration of correct medication and also dosage to avoid instances such as incorrect dosage offered to the wrong patient.

Administrative controls involve preparing, methodology, strategy, or move plans that diminish the danger of peril to an individual. Administrative controls ordinarily change the conduct of individuals as opposed to eliminating the genuine risk or giving individuals defensive gear. Managerial controls are fourth in a bigger progressive system of danger controls, which positions the viability and proficiency of risk controls (Morris & Cannady, 2019).

Morris & Cannady (2019). insinuates authoritative controls are more powerful than engineering control because they include some way of earlier arranging and shirking, while changes are done as per engineering control just serves as the last boundary between the peril and specialist as Managerial controls are second-most minimal. After all, they require laborers or bosses to effectively think or conform to guidelines and don't offer lasting answers for problems. Building controls are the third of five individuals from the progression of danger controls, which request control techniques by their achievability and viability (Morris & Cannady, 2019). Building controls are favored over regulatory controls and individual defensive gear since they are intended to eliminate the danger at the source before it interacts with the worker. Very much planned designing controls can be profoundly viable in securing laborers and will commonly be autonomous of specialist associations to give this elevated level of assurance.


Morris, G. A., & Cannady, R. (2019). Proper use of the hierarchy of controls. Professional Safety.

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