Free Paper Sample: The United States Marine Corps Customs and Courtesies

Published: 2023-12-20
Free Paper Sample: The United States Marine Corps Customs and Courtesies
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The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is a division of the United States Armed Forces tasked to provide marine troops. There are several customs, traditions, and courtesies taught in the USMC, which must be strictly adhered to. The purpose of these rules and regulations is to ensure respect among ranks is observed. This paper will address in detail the customs and courtesies in USMC.

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Marine Corps birthday.

It is the most famous custom among the Marines and is celebrated every year on November 10. The custom was first officially celebrated in 1921. The custom celebrates the day that the Continental Congress decided that “The two Battalions of Marines be raised” in the year 1775 (Culp, 40). Marines have celebrated this day over the years, and celebrations depend on the Marine units' circumstances and location. To celebrate, the Commandant issues a birthday message, and an excerpt from the Marine Corps Manual is read. The commanding officer also cuts the birthday cake, and the oldest and youngest Marines are presented with the first and second pieces of cake, respectively.

Reporting Your Post

It is a marine custom taking into account how a marine reports his post to the officer in charge. It involves a marine saluting the officer and giving information about the post number and its security. It is a universal custom used almost entirely in the USMC.

Another miscellaneous custom important to note is the wetting-down party. It involves a freshly promoted officer inviting his friends to a bar where they frequent drinks. At this time, the officer is said to be wet down. Another custom is serenading the Commandant. The Marine Band serenades every January 1, the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Looking Out for Your Men is also customary for the Marines. As a Marine’s leader, you must ensure that Marines are justly treated and comfortably housed and clothed. In battle, any wounded or dead marine is taken by the troop not to be captured by the enemy.



Among the other customs, salutes show courtesy. In USMC, respect for authority is demonstrated by salutes. They also symbolize honor and trust among the Marines. By saluting, it means that a marine acknowledges a fellow marine's professionalism, commitment, and abilities. Salutes show that marines have made self-sacrifice and are committed to protecting the safety and livelihood of American citizens (Yassa-Lopez, 46). There are specific moments where a salute is mandatory. At these moments, one is required to give a salute. These scenarios include: when the national anthem is playing, during report rendering, at ceremonies such as funerals and changes of command, and to marine officers.

There are several other courtesies among the Marines, especially during military training. When talking to an officer, you must be standing at attention. The officer is the one to order you to be at ease. After being dismissed by the officer, it is paramount to return to attention and salute. When boarding a car or boat, the marine with the least rank enters the vessel first, and the highest-ranked enters last. In doing so, it leaves the most comfortable seat for the senior.

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