Pow and Article Response, Free Essay in Statistics

Published: 2022-03-23
Pow and Article Response, Free Essay in Statistics
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The material helps students integrate statistical knowledge to decipher problems. The objective of statistics education is to develop statistical intellectuals who can apply their knowledge to working out actual problems.

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Mr. Smooth claims that the beginning salaries of Prestigious Corporation are very competitive. His claims about annual wage are misleading despite the well-calculated mean. Averages often blur information in data sets. For instance, most of the employees make $10,000 only one of them makes $60,000 which causes the average salary rise to $20,000 which is inaccurate (Helmenstine, 2018).

The yearly salary data is not realistic because according to Mr. Smooth's data the employee's make $10.50 per hour, $20,000 a year. Meaning they only work for 1,904.76hours a year which translates to about 79 days a year which is impractical.

Person A worked for 10 hours, B worked for 5hours, C for 4hours and D for 2hours: arrived at by dividing the total amount made by the amount earned per hour. The total number of hours worked was 21hours. The total wages made was $160. The average salary per hour is $7.62. It is different from Mr. Smooth's claim because he added the amount earned per hour rather than the total amount and he divided that sum by the number of people rather than the total number of hours worked.

The scale can be changed to show that the profits for the Prestigious Corporation were not growing very fast by changing the labeling on the X-axis; the labeling should be broken into smaller units. Then the graph will appear less steep and in turn, it will look like the profits are growing slowly.

There are some elementary school math topics I am confident I can teach competently. Including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and fractions. The abovementioned topics are foundational concepts that are easy to explain and demonstrate. However, there are specific elementary school math topics I would be hesitant about teaching, for example, algebra. There are numerous difficulties in adapting to algebra from arithmetic, failure to understand the algebraic syntax among other problems encountered both in the teaching and learning of algebra (Egodawatte, 2009).

In teaching elementary school, I would prefer teaching students between the fourth grade and the sixth grade. It is because their level of maturity is higher compared to the students in the lower grades. Therefore, their dependence on the instructor is less. At this level, students have started to develop a degree of independence in learning.

Project-based learning is one of the best methods to prepare students to survive in today's highly technological world. To solve complex projects, students require both fundamental skills for instance reading and writing and other skills, like, teamwork, research skills, problem-solving among others. These are vital skills currently and the sooner they are instilled in our students, the better for the society.

Objectivity in evaluation and grading has the strong suit of being dependable and fair. I would be confident in grading work without bias whatsoever. Further, I would ensure assessment is relevant to the course to evaluate student knowledge. However, in some instances, it would be fair to be subjective in the evaluation so that individual effort is duly awarded.


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