Free Essay Comprising an Amadeus Cultural Activity Report

Published: 2022-12-08
 Free Essay Comprising an Amadeus Cultural Activity Report
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The film represents the culture of the people in terms of their way of life, by watching the film one can tell the theme culture that the film is about. The way the actors act the film also represent their culture. There are several aspects of the film that represent the culture of the people. From the film, one can tell how the people in the Amadeus film lived and the values that they believed in. The culture of the people makes them behave and conduct themselves in a particular way. People know that if they do not follow their own culture while they are doing their activities, then they will be judged by society.

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Among the culture of the people in the film is that they wear long clothes that cover most parts of their body. The clothes are parts of their culture because they represent the values that the people have and the clothes that are acceptable for people to wear (Amadeus Part 1, n.d.). All the actors in the film wear this kind of cloths to create a certain perspective among the viewers they are entertaining. The way the people perceive them is determined by their first impression and therefore the actors needed to wear similar clothes to indicate their culture. The clothes reflect a culture of decency among the people, from the film it can be concluded that the culture of the actors in the film does not allow the people to wear the clothes that expose their bodies.

The master in the film narrates about how people in Vienna are corrupt, and the societal values are lacking hence making the people and their leaders to be corrupt. Wrong values in a particular society create a culture of impunity where there is no equality (Amadeus Part 1, n.d.). Such society's people never get what they deserve because the services are given discriminately. Also, the people have the culture of praying to their god whenever they face challenges and wanted to be blessed. This represents the culture of the belief in the existence of a supernatural being.

The presence of music from artists in the film portrays the culture of the people that love music. The people used to attend concerts in order to have fun. Music is an integral part of the culture, and it reflects how people like having fun Amadeus Part 1, n.d.). The artists began writing songs at a young age because they found music art as part of the culture of the people after being born. To be precise, people love the old school type of music that reflect the belief and values of the singers. The actors organized a huge concert that was attended by many people.

The society that the film represents also has a culture of leadership and respect of the leaders, the leaders are respected and honored in various ways including singing for. The authority of the leader entailed by sang for by the people whenever there was an event such as marriage (Amadeus Part 2, n.d.). The leaders also make significant decisions affecting the society and its people such as married couples with a difference. The leaders are the ones in authority and handle all the activities that need to be checked in the community. The people respect the decisions made by their leaders.

The film also has a culture where the people form marriages, and this is evident when Constanze says she together we her husband did not enjoy the concert that they had attended. The family is also part of the culture of the people, and some societies are comprised of people who never have families (Amadeus Part 2, n.d.). Family virtue is seen when people unite to form a kingdom. The family is the most basic unit in any society, where the is no family people cannot unite to form a large social unit such as a kingdom. The families form a culture of togetherness because the kids learn to work as a team from when they are young kids. However, families experience challenges that make family members fight.

The film represents the things that happen in society, and how the people respond, people respond differently when they face different scenarios (Amadeus Part 2, n.d.). For instance, some people love music that they do not miss any concert while others do not have an interest in music. The values are the ones that turn into culture after society has accepted them. They become culture such that if anyone does not follow them is considered an outcast and not part of society. The people in authority ensure that the culture of the people is adhered to and respected. The film represents a society that has a deep culture and the people love practicing their culture.

In conclusion, various cultures are represented in the film. The cultures are meant to represent the way of life of the people and the things that they believe in. The culture of the people is their way of life, and they cannot do without the culture. Amadeus represents a society that had deep culture such as the love for music.


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