Literary Essay Sample on Orientation, Symbolism and Allegory

Published: 2017-08-10
Literary Essay Sample on Orientation, Symbolism and Allegory
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Seven Nouns to Introduce Yourself

Nurse: My Name is Dr. Dejan, and I am a nurse by profession, I major in B.S in Nursing.

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Reader: I am passionate about reading books because I consider them as my true friends. Through books, I learn the critical issues that affect people in the society, the innovative factors that may contribute to better health, latest health research and discoveries without forgetting the ideas and arguments given by different philosophers on health and society.

Cook: Cooking has been an interesting thing that I like doing which I acquired from my mother who is great at cooking European dishes. I learned this skill while assisting her in preparing meals. Through that, I believe that cooking enhances the sense of loving and caring people around you.

Intellectual: Through my career and interaction with people, I have noticed that there are some diseases that are curable, yet there are some people who succumb to the diseases. I believe my effort. I am currently perusing my course in a nursing school to expand my knowledge and services to people who are in need of them.

Hobbyist: My hobbies are, listening to music, reading the book, watching movies, cooking studying and exploring new things as well as playing soccer, which is my most favorite

Friend: I like making new friends every day. I interact and socialize with different people in the society both in and outside my career. Through them, I learn people's perception towards different issues in the society.

Generous: I have always offered my assistance in case I encounter someone who is dire need of it. I offer my generosity to charity works, patients as well as psychological and material support.

Respond to Your Classmates

Hi, Scott!

As a nurse, it demands a lot of dedication, humility, hard work, passion, compassion, dedication and lastly knowledge and understanding. I find Patch Adams, as an inspiration and a role model. Patch Adams percept that, laughter, joy, and creativity are an integral part of the healing process and therefore true health care must incorporate such life.

Hi, Scott!

Listening to modern Jazz has been long time hobby. Through music, my mind becomes relaxed from the tedious activity of the week. Music boost my inner soul, feel inspired and strong again to continue with the journey of life. My favorite artists are Sade, Incognito, and Mario Biondi, their music is beautiful and they have exceptional voices.

Citation and Summary

Neil Gaiman is a one of the greatest English author, best in novels, comic books audio theater and short stories. One of his works is American Gods" which accounts the fantasy, Americana together with the many strands of the prehistoric and contemporary mythology, concentrated on the taciturn and mysterious Shadow. Most of his idea touches The Sandman comic book series

Symbolism and Allegory

Q. 9

Symbolism brings the real image of what the author is talking about but by i=using another person or item. Symbolism has been applied in the work by Shirley Jackson, the lottery. Examples of symbolism include black box symbolizing the tradition of the lottery as well as the illogical loyalty of the villagers to it. Lottery represented an idea or action that is passed from one generation to the other. While in the work by Nathaniel Hawthorn the Young Goodman Brown. An instant of symbolism is Young Goodman Brown's wife represent Young Goodman's Brown faith.

Response to the classmate

Hello Julius

Literature builds the ability for the student to percept on the worldviews, capacity to foster critical reading as well as analytical skills. The student will have a descriptive understanding of what they study in class and their future studies. For instance, Symbolism and Allegory bring the deeper understanding to the student because it brings ideas to be much real.

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