Essay Sample: My Passion for Creativity, Art, and Music

Published: 2022-05-22
Essay Sample: My Passion for Creativity, Art, and Music
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When one decides to work with great companies to earn a lot of money without any occupation interests, then they are not passionate. Passion is referred to as an intense drive, conviction or an enthusiastic feeling to do something. People should enjoy what they do on a daily basis; then money will follow while the activities become fun and enjoyable. For instance, creative individuals can come up with unique building designs and laying structures that capture the eyes of the observers. On the other hand, musicians can inspire life through their music as they communicate various messages such as love and patience through their songs. Besides, artists can use various techniques to capture different perspectives in a single painting, and this generates peace with their inner self. In light of this, creativity comes from within a person, and it is driven by passion, which pushes one to find solutions to the daily challenges. Music helps us to express our inner feelings through mixing different sounds and lyrics that convey our emotion in a passionate manner. Artistic works such as painting require also passion and they revolve around our daily experiences, depicting the real world situations such as our daily struggles. Amongst all my passions, art painting occupies a special place in my heart because the joy it brings to me transcends my spirits. I have three passions in my life, which are creativity, music, and art painting.

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Creativity comes from within a person, and it is driven by passion, which pushes one to find solutions to daily challenges. Artistically, people argue that creativity is a positive advance for humanity that rises above the status quo knowledge and it aims at improving the status quo. Personally, I perceive creativity being the ability to use imagination to develop unique things which people end up embracing as new. For this reason, I do not believe that new things exist in this world; instead, we try to modify the available resources endorsed by us already and enhance them to reflect our way of interpretation. Alternatively, some activities such as martial arts and yoga can become used as a technique to ignite creativity within oneself because they promote meditation. Psychologists argue the meditation process illuminates our inner creativity; hence, improving how we interpret things creatively (Alexander par.10). Nonetheless, sometimes I become impatient and end up viewing meditation as wastage of time; however, I maintain my creative element by observing keenly, and through this, ideas come flowing in my mind, which I can then put them into reality. Creative thinkers acknowledge that one has to limit the way of thinking that assumes there exists only one answer to every challenge because there are alternative solutions present to each problem. Furthermore, individuals must understand that such a rigid and restrictive form of reasoning arises from limited experiences; hence, people should break the mold of limited thinking to become active problem solvers. Occasionally, I relax the mind and use my imagination and creativity to find unlimited disposable resources. The passion for creativity makes me feel whole by giving me a chance to think wide to create something to share and enjoy.

Specifically, music is one of my passions that helps me express my inner feelings through mixing different sounds and lyrics that convey my emotions. While listening to music, I pay close attention to the lyrical messages. Human beings have various ways to express themselves, and this involves mixing different sounds to create a pleasing tone depending on their emotional state (Wilson, Kevin& Roger 36). Playing music is an articulation of one's emotions through lyrics or vocal sounds and the style of music can be felt by anyone because of that captivating element of passion. As a result, I have always aspired to become a musician in future or my next life and I understand that it is not easy to focus entirely on music with tons of other demanding activities. Moreover, I am determined to dedicate my days off to create a chance for music since it is one of my passionate activities that enables in conveying different emotions. Over the years, my passion for music improved substantially because I learned how to play various instruments guitars and violin. My appreciation for music started at a very early stage when I could listen to my dad singing classical songs. Though I could not connect with the words, the relaxed beats revealed an expression of joy in me. From that time on, I developed a deep admiration for the classical genre of music, but later I developed a striking love for other types of songs as well. Playing musical instruments brings joy to my life and those around me, but I would love to sing along the melodies of the instruments.

A number of artistic works such as painting require passion as they revolve around our daily experiences, depicting the real world situations such as our daily struggles. Mainly, I find many things to enjoy in art such as freedom of expression and those who love art know precisely what I mean. experience, sometimes life is overwhelming and unbearable due to obstacles, and not many people have the strength or motivation to keep up. Because of this, the few people who remain stiff holding on to their goals always have something to eliminate their stress, and nothing works better than art. Members of the public view various works of art daily especially the common paintings that are present in the streets that easily portray different situations and life struggles. Arguably, individuals can switch from one artist to another to match the cheerfulness of the emotions and to explore the different thematic expressions that are available in the artworks. Hence, I realize that art has a way to make one view things from different perspectives. Recent educational programs have enabled many individuals to enroll in institutions out of desire or passion for doing art. Dancing, music, drama, painting, or drawing classes are filling rapidly because of the increased demand for artistic activities in among students (Chappell, Kerry et al. 256). Genuinely, my passion for drawing makes me think what I would do without it, and it is difficult to imagine life without painting. Concurrently, I reflect back to the days that art enabled me to escape the stresses of teenage life; Well, I would say that were it not for my passion for drawing and painting, I would have engaged in lousy habits out of peer pressure. Friends and other people appreciate my work; furthermore, the exaltation builds my self-esteem knowing that I have a talent and a gift worthwhile of changing the world.

Lastly, I believe in being passionate about life, and I would recommend everyone to love and seek joy and motivation in whatever they do on a regular basis. Noticeably, my passion entails making music, painting, and engaging in creative encounters. Evidence provided in this paper shows that creativity is influenced by a strong desire to do something differently and it enables one to find the solutions to our daily obstacles. Essentially, music helps us to express our emotions in a passionate manner whereas art helps us to depict our real world situations using different points of view. Ostensibly, a world without creativity music and art would become void and dull and without any sense of neither purpose nor joy for me.

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