Education Essay Sample: Teaching Vocabulary with Music

Published: 2020-06-10
Education Essay Sample: Teaching Vocabulary with Music
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Teaching vocabulary to ESL learners is one of the most difficult tasks a teacher has to implement. In cases where the learner is a child, there relevant and applicable measures should be used to promote the practicability of these issues. Music is one the best ways to build the vocabulary background of the learners. Music not only helps in entertaining but giving meaning to the learner about various vocabularies. Unlike other forms of communication that might be boring to the learner, music helps create a workable environment to promote in the frequency of the use of certain words. The learner can easily remember different vocabularies used in songs and make useful conclusions drawn from the music he hears. If implemented well, music helps sharpen the cognitive part of the learners and force deliberate learning of vocabularies. It also helps improving the memory of the learner. This process can take place in several ways.

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One of the most common approaches to using music in teaching vocabularies is the beginner approach. This method targets the initial learners of a language. The aim of the is approach is to provide reading and pronunciation skills. To introduce the lesson effectively, the teacher need to state the vocabularies that are to be learned in the lesson. The teacher should then introduce the song to the students creating emphasis on the vocabularies that are to be learned. The song should give the use of the vocabulary to help the learner understand the meaning and the use of that vocabulary. The students should have written copies of the song to help them acquire the learning skills as they listen and sing along to the song. The written copies of the song helps the learners gain familiarity with the text and develop their reading skills. If this step is repeated often then the learner becomes acquainted with the use of a certain vocabulary and can write it on his own.

The other approach of teaching vocabulary using music targets the learners that have gained some familiarity with the vocabulary. This approach seeks to establish the ability of the learner to identify different words in songs and use them appropriately. In the second phase of using music in teaching vocabularies, the teacher should give sample music to the learners without a written form. The learners should identify the vocabularies in the song and the meaning of such vocabularies. In groups, the learners can identify the vocabularies and adapt to them easily. The learners should attempt to give the meanings of the words as used in the song. This exercise helps improve the learners auditory skills in a new language. If the learner can identify the words learnt in a song and explain the meaning of the word as used in that context, then this child has understood the meaning of that word. The learners are supposed to write down these words and express their spelling abilities.

The choice of song to use in such incidents is very important in helping the children develop their ability to read and comprehend various vocabularies. There are songs and chants formulated to help the child develop the vocabularies of a given field. These songs are easy to learn and captivating to the young learners. They make them understand the meanings of various words in a certain context. For instance, there are songs that give the parts of the body or the colors of the rainbow and help the learner distinguish between these parts. These songs are appealing to young learners and make it interesting for them to learn the vocabularies in a certain language. In most cases, these songs can be accompanied by the use of visual aids to boost the memory of the learners.

Songs can be used to present certain grammatical structures to the young learners and help them develop the use of different vocabularies in their correct grammatical sentences. In most cases, this move is achieved using chants that contain a certain grammatical structures. The child is required to use his/her creativity to fuse the vocabularies learnt to participate in the chant. For example, a chant on careers helps the child demonstrate his understanding of different careers by mimicking the work of that career. This chant can be useful in developing childs ability to use these vocabularies in the correct grammatical helps them gain the ability to use different vocabularies in the correct manner. As the children listen to the song and sing along, they gain the ability to use the vocabularies effectively. the ability to use different vocabularies in the correct grammatical context is a vital step that can help in developing the childs communication skills in a language. The child needs to develop the ability to develop the usability of a language by understanding the correct grammatical setting in which certain vocabularies occur. The choice of music used in the classroom should help in developing this ability.

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