Free Paper Example on IT Strategies

Published: 2023-11-26
Free Paper Example on IT Strategies
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IT strategies, in this case, refers to strategies implemented by organizations to achieve IT capabilities for sustainable and maximum firm values. It also aids in creating and developing shareholder values and maximization of returns on IT investments. The main of IT strategies are based on profit maximization and minimization of capital used in the process. It provides the direction to be incorporated in various organizations therefore guaranteeing progress of the general firm.

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IT Strategy

Through GPS tracking systems and telematics, top management can easily identify cargo which helps in making more accurate invoices and reports. GPS tracking systems are important in recovering stolen products, truck-drivers monitoring, and determining traffic conditions. Telematics also aids in identifying issues of concern to be addressed in vehicles which assists in maintenance.

Technological tracking systems can also use to monitor and identify cases of reckless driving, and idleness. This also helps in evaluating the driver’s records. Tracking systems helps organizations in keeping track of their employees and determining whether or not they are responsible while dealing with the company’s’ vehicles. Similarly, operational costs are minimized.

Inventory Management Software

Research provides that the implementation of strategic plans to enhance the procedures of managing and regulating inventory acts as key to achieve progress. For instance, inventory management ensures the right order fulfillment to consumers, which prevents the transfer of wrong items, loss of clients and high return amounts (Al-Shakarchy, 2015). It also aids in managing the products in their warehouses such that the ordered products are readily available therefore making consumers unwilling to shop in other competitive firms providing similar products.GG Freightways should also partner with 3PLs, “third-party logistics’ providers” with increased knowledge on inventory management to help understand the software, equipment’s and tools necessary.

This provides an accurate method of identifying the already stocked products and those needed (Al-Shakarchy, 2015). Complete inventory management prevent cases of overstocking items, some of which are not robust sellers; which consequently helps the warehouse managers in refreshing inventory only when necessary, in a cost-effective and easier way.

Customer’s satisfaction, in this case, act as the key in achieving progress for GG Freightways. Research provides that when customers’ orders are delivered late, damaged or not as described, there is an increased likelihood of the clients not purchasing from the firm again (Reynolds, 2015). Improved inventory management eliminates such cases by ensuring orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately. Similarly, this enhances client’s experiences and elimination of refund issues. It also guarantees organized warehouses which further enhances efficient future and present fulfillment of an organizations strategy.

With enhanced inventory management, less capital and time is spent operations which ensures more time is given in focusing on maximizing productivity (Reynolds, 2015). Technology is vital, in this case, in speeding up fulfillment operations and tracking which ensures accuracy in inventory records. Efficiency in product flows, and ordering accuracy further saves capital and time.


A recently conducted research provides that transportation fleet based brands can save roughly more than 16,928 dollars per truck, through for instance, upgrading the vehicles from 2015-2020 models, 100-truck fleets, for example could save nearly 1.7M dollars each (Al-Shakarchy, 2015). This is because reduced maintenance expenses and increased fuel efficiencies forms major hard-cost resources for brands. According to NTSB, “National Transportation Safety Board”, upgraded trucks are safer. Also, from a research conducted in 2012-2014, most vehicle crushes result from rear-end crashes in which 87 percent accounts for driver’s recklessness (Al-Shakarchy, 2015). As a result, heavy-duty vehicles having collision avoidance warnings increased from 2017-2018 by 28-39 percent respectively.

Similarly, upgrading fleet systems guarantees increased workforces, (truck drivers) which further ensures the smooth flow of operations in GG Freightways. A recently conducted survey shows that most vehicle technicians and drivers prefer new trucks having advanced technologies (Reynolds, 2015). Newer and upgraded equipment’s and trucks therefore guarantees motivation for workforces.

Upgrading fleet systems also enhances the client’s experiences by minimizing delays, damages of properties and freight, which further improves the brands’ reputation. Drivers, in this case, also tend to have improved attitudes while delivering products to consumers.

Enhanced sustainability. Currently, individuals tend to prefer working with brands that take steps in boosting sustainability and minimizing carbon footprints (Reynolds, 2015). Newer trucks, in this case, have minimal emissions, research provides that upgrading a truck from, “2015-2020 model minimizes nitrogen oxides and CO2 by 12 percent and 126 metric tones yearly” (Al-Shakarchy, 2015). Longer maintenance intervals are also achieved for new vehicles which further saves costs.

Preventative Maintenance Strategies

This is based on the fact that all fleet operations are dependent on keeping vehicles operational at all times. Performance of preventable maintenance ensures that even the minor issues are addressed to prevent potential damages and breakdowns. Through preventative maintenance, fleet can be scheduled in advance for routine services such as hose and tire inspections, and fuel refills among others. This helps in preventing transportation delay among other factors that may hinder the brand from delivering products to customers. It also enables easy tracking of warranties and trucks parts-usage.


IT allows easy collection of information which is vital in decision making processes. The data in this case may be from, investment performance, accounts, client and financial information among others. IT has enabled the transformation of management reporting systems such that it can provide both non-financial and financial data which is essential in decision making and controlling a firm’s activities (Reynolds, 2015).IT also helps in foreseeing, identification, examining, and implementation of methods to eliminate the future potential threats.

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