Effects of Single Parenting in Our Free Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-24
Effects of Single Parenting in Our Free Essay Example
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People have always had a notion that single parents are irresponsible and dangerous to the general order of things; however, this has been referred vaguely to studies. The accurate notion of such state of parenting can be debated through a research. The research methodology used data collection and procedure of conducting the research. The naturalistic observation research involves studying the spontaneous behaviour of participants in natural surroundings for behaviors. The researcher simply records what they see. In whatever way they can the researcher simply records what they see in whatever way they can. Probability method, this is where a target is of certain group (single parents) is been inquired. Ethical issues, the ways to address ethical issues as its the most important part of a researcher. The ethical ways will be kindness good manners and great fullness. Data collection will be collected by recording what is seen or observed.

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Single parenting families have increased in our modern world. Having talked to adults and children l have realised that there are unresolved ,and often unaddressed, concerns that children harbour when largely raised by one parent, this does not mean the single parent does not have unresolved issues.

Some of these concerns include that children are often unspoken and sometimes unconscious; fear for well being of the parent with whom they are living .children not only need protection, but feel the need to keep their parents safe, too. Without seeing them going to sleep at home and waking up safe, they can have trouble believing they are exposed to untold dangers .some have fear of what will happen if the primary parent dies. This is also fears that even the single parents goes through every day. Fear to express loving and positive feelings to one.

Parent will be unwelcome, potentially leading to the child developing a manipulative personality style or a reticence to share loving feelings in general even later in life. Less achievements in academics as children get less attention and guidance in there homework. Similarly the single parent does not get enough support to generate more income. Both the parent and child face emotional effects due to the low income generated puts them to risk for poverty. Living in poverty is stressful and have many emotional effects on children, including low self esteem, increased anger and frustrations and an increased risk for violent behaviour. Besides financial constraints, there motional effects of growing up in a single parent household include feeling of abandonment, sadness, loneliness and difficulty socializing and connecting with others.

Scheduling as a single parent is flustered with heaps of responsibilities. They are thus required to juggle them all through a hectic schedule. Keeping afloat with the schedule is in itself a huge challenge.

The positive thing about a single parent is that they are able to set rules despite the negotiation and compromising picture of single parenthood. This creates a bond between the parent and child as they are united by the rules in the house. The single parent is the unity factor for the children.

The other positive effect of single parenting is that single-parent families may exhibit strong responsibility skills, as they are always cold upon to help out more with family chores and tasks. Children in single parent families often form close bonds with their parents and extended family members, as they are closely dependant of each other through out there life.


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