Free Essay with Questions and Answers on Child Abuse

Published: 2022-03-29
Free Essay with Questions and Answers on Child Abuse
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Question 1 & 2

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Child abuse has been a prevalent social problem that has been debated over time not only in the United States but all in the whole world. It can be described as a behavior that causes a notable harm to a minor. The harm done to a minor may be physical, sexual, psychological, or even emotional. Child abuse can also be defined as a series of behaviors by a parent or guardian that results to harm a child. The harm caused can be said to be performed in several settings under which the child interacts, and most importantly the child's home. In the recent research about child abuse globally, it is shown that child abuse rates are high and make the greatest majority who are abused in the world population. Well, in the United States, the estimated number of children abused per annum is approximately one million. However, in the recent years, much research whose aim is to prevent child abuse has been conducted. In the United States, child abuse is a growing epidemic (Richey, 2008). Most children suffer from child abuse and their abusers walk free.

Question 3

Social work is a term that can be termed as a knowledge that is mostly encompassed at assisting people, groups, families or the society to influence the general and personal character. Social workers in child welfare have the responsibility of investigating abuse, maltreatment and neglect issues that help them identify children living in poor conditions. These workers are keen to observe warning signs during the time they interview parents, guardians, teachers or during an inspection of a child's home. The professionals who are concerned with the investigations also have the role of making decisions on the probable risk that the child may be in and it is sent in form of writing to the parent. If the child is at a risk of harm, then he is taken to a child protection center and actions to protect the child are taken.

Question 4

The state has a critical responsibility of providing child welfare that is inclusive of protecting young children from neglect and abuse and also ensuring that these children have stable, safe and permanent living conditions. The state and the federal government spend an approximate of twenty-five billion dollars every year to cater for children welfare services. The state legislators play a major role in overseeing, structuring and funding children welfare systems, as well as enacting close to three hundred children welfare bills annually. NCSL has the responsibility of tracking legislation and providing legislators, technical assistance and legislative staff research on adoption, foster care, and child maltreatment (On Being One of the Voices of Ncsl, 2013). The NCSL in the US have the responsibility of tracking and analyzing the federal legislation and policies for the full range of issues regarding human services (Whats New from Children and Families / December 2017, 2018).

Question 5

The implications of failing to address child abuse in the United States are very disturbing. Over the years, researchers have seen the influences of child abuse on perceived changes, cognitive, psychological, and behavioral changes in typical young adults. Physical effects are the most severe as they hail from minor injuries all the way to intense brain damage and sometimes to death. Psychological effects can cause low self-esteem and dissociative states. The cognitive implications can lead to attention problems, learning issues, and severe brain syndromes. Behavioral effects can cause poor peer relations and extraordinary violent and harsh behaviors. Therefore, if child abuse as a social problem I am inadequately addressed it not only affects the individual victims but also the society.


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