Free Essay: The Effects of Decision Biases on Decision-Making and How to Avoid Them.

Published: 2023-03-15
Free Essay: The Effects of Decision Biases on Decision-Making and How to Avoid Them.
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Effective decision-making may be impended to a great extent by various decision biases by an individual. Decision bias is the tendency of making decisions without putting much logical thought into it and may result in adverse effects later. It is of paramount significance that decision bias should get avoided by all means possible. Both personal and professional factors affect an individual's ability to make sound and appropriate decisions (Oloffson, 2010). One can avoid being biased by critically analyzing a situation and all factors from a neutral point of view so that their prejudgments don't affect them. Seeking the opinion of others outside the case helps in making better decisions (Oloffson, 2010). It is highly advisable to try redefining the issue so that it does not escalate to the extent of disrupting normal organizational operations.

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Differentiating between strategic management and operations management as well as how to keep them both in alignment.

Strategic management is the continuous planning, monitoring, and assessment of an organization's performance to ensure that it can achieve its goals and objectives. Business strategies need to be revised overtime accordingly to cope with the dynamic business environment (Oloffson, 2010). Operations management is the administration of all business practices as well as designing and controlling the production process to ensure that the organization achieves the highest possible level of efficiency. Strategic management and operations management are critical aspects of any business and hence need to be clearly defined and distinguished. The top-level management becomes tasked to ensure that all operations and strategies are well understood and observed keenly.

An organization requires having both the operations managers and the strategic teams in place. The managers are in charge of their departments and ensuring that they work according to the department guidelines. Employees should be well informed on the business operations and the business strategies to make work more efficient and effective (Corbett, Gaur, Simchi-Levi & Taylor, 2017). The organization should hold more staff training sessions. The meetings are to emphasize the importance of clearly understanding and to formulate the appropriate business strategies and to have the correct operations in place to help realize the goals and objectives of the organization.


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