Effective Nursing Communication Strategies - Free Essay

Published: 2023-09-13
Effective Nursing Communication Strategies - Free Essay
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8A. Topic Selection Reflection

Effective nursing communication strategies are important in teamwork and the delivery of essential healthcare services. In the healthcare field, the nurses are involved in the first response and provision of healthcare services to the individuals. It is, therefore, important that there be communication patterns that serve these goals and purposes (Bello, 2017). For instance, a patient in the hospital interacts with numerous healthcare personnel, some of these being the nurses. The dissemination of critical information between the nursing personnel and the other people involved in the care, such as the relatives of the patient and the other healthcare personnel is essential in determining patient outcomes (Bello, 2017). The reflection on personal communication challenges and interpersonal skills in the attempt to achieve positive communication change especially conversation skills, is therefore related to the course material on professional communication in nursing practice. It is established that the improvement in professional communication leads to a decrease in medical errors and improvement in teamwork (Cooke, 2016). As a result, communication change occupies an important practical attempt at applying the skills of interpersonal communication.

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8B. Implementation Analysis: Satisfaction

In the implementation of my new behaviors, I was impressed with the skill of starting a conversation with a random person on any topic. I was pleased to handle the fear of starting a conversation by working on reading the situation before starting a conversation. Particularly, I learned that the interests of a person greatly influence their enthusiasm towards the conversations. I also understood that conversation arises from current hot topics and especially so the health situation that affects everybody. It was also apparent that the conversation is easier when there is familiarity between the people, and therefore creating a connection is important for conversation (Cooke, 2016). In this realization, I was satisfied that conversation, especially between healthcare stakeholders, could be based on the common topics. This situation will promote familiarity and therefore create an ease of communication. According to Cooke (2016), the conversation is important in the strengthening of teamwork. Conversation improves the interpersonal relationship of the people who are involved and improves the friendly nature of the conversations. It results in the improvement of communication, which is an important factor in patient outcomes (Cooke, 2016). In situations that heavily rely on teamwork, the conversation skills that I will sharpen will support the communication between the people who will be involved.

8C. Implementation Analysis: Dissatisfaction

As I implemented the conversation skills that I had developed, there were no elements of dissatisfaction that arose. This development was due to the readiness to face uncomfortable situations, and therefore it allowed me to explore the limits of conversation. I was outside my comfort zone for some of the conversations but I was ready to tackle this factor. In reflection, I think I was not dissatisfied because of three factors. First, I was prepared for the challenge of communication change and understood the importance of applying the changes. This preparedness motivated me to look forward to the implementation of the skills. Secondly, I chose an important skill to implement and therefore based on its importance, and I was motivated to perfect it. Lastly, the conversations occurred with friendly people who made it easier to communicate. It shows that sometimes the failure or success of communication may be predicated on the influence of the other partner. While through the implementation, I learned the important skills of conversation accompanied by listening and speaking, and therefore the whole experience was satisfying.

8D. Implementation Analysis: Additional Changes

In the communication change challenge, I noticed that many skills are involved in conveying the message clearly and effectively. As I focused on conversation skills, especially when starting a conversation, I realized that I had to emphasize listening skills. In the implementation process, I applied these skills along with precise turn-taking. The skills worked well together to ensure that the communication was successful, and therefore they go hand in hand. I also realize that additional skills are needed for effective communication, and therefore further changes are needed. Among these skills are concise and clarity in the presentation of ideas. According to Arnold & Boggs (2019), clarity in communication refers to the succinct presentation of the facts to ensure that the receiver gets a specific message. Arnold & Boggs (2019) further explain that the clarity and concise nature of the message will prevent errors, and this is needed, especially in healthcare.

8E. Project Reflection

The project contributed to an increased conversation between people in my environment. In the implementation phase, I was able to converse with a family member, a personal friend, a random classmate, and a total stranger. In the process of doing this, I was able to understand the factors that are needed to carry out a personal conversation and conversation with people who are not close. Furthermore, I was able to learn the importance of listening skills while letting other people express themselves. It is an important skill to have as it makes people comfortable enough to pass information, and also it lets one have the correct responses. It is explained by Giger & Haddad (2020) that the communication that is achieved by listening and responding effectively is important in healthcare pertaining to the prevention of errors and the achievement of teamwork. Interpersonal relationships are important in teamwork, and these are built by respectful communication.


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